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Dr. John Bruchalski: A Divine Pro-Life Journey

By Karen Mahoney

Dr. John Bruchalski is an obstetrician/gynecologist in Fairfax, Virginia. When he was younger, his ambition was to be the best doctor possible, so he tried to accommodate all the women who came to him, which included dismembering and killing their babies in the womb. 

This was during his residency when under the tutelage of a more experienced doctor. He thought he was doing the right thing by providing abortions, even third-trimester abortions. Dr. Bruchalski said he tried to follow what the women wanted and didn’t think to challenge their decisions. He said he was taught in medical school that “truth was relative” and science was God. He believed he was allowing women to have freedom by providing abortions. 

Early years

The eldest of three boys in a New Jersey Polish-Catholic family, Dr. Bruchalski described his parents as very prayerful. His mom stayed home to raise the children, who all attended Catholic schools, and they prayed the rosary daily. He recalled one morning in January 1973 when his father—who worked as a Latin and religion teacher at a Salesian prep school—told him that that day would be forever known as “Black Monday.” It was the day America decriminalized the murder of the preborn. 

This young boy grew up and eventually went to med school. For two years during his residency, he performed abortions, tubal ligations, inserted IUDs, prescribed birth control, and assisted with in vitro fertilization. He performed the abortions despite his knowledge that “at 10 weeks gestational age, the fetus, I knew, had a heart that had been beating for at least 5 weeks already, sending its blood to all of its organs, which were already in place and beginning to function in purposeful development.”

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