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REVIEW Fighting for Life: Becoming a Force for Change in a Wounded World

By Marion Amberg

If I had to give Lila Rose’s new book a different name, I would call it Dare. In subtle ways, Rose—who founded the pro-life group Live Action at age 15—dares readers to become the life force needed to end abortion and the other human abuses of our day. But Rose doesn’t just dare readers, she mentors them through steps that follow her own life’s journey and with lessons she learned through hard-fought battles.

Divided into three parts with 27 chapters, Rose’s book interweaves her remarkable story—from an innocent nine-year-old girl finding a handbook on abortion with a photo of a dismembered baby, to leading one of the world’s most powerful (and feared) pro-life organizations—with social injustices in American history that were battled against and overturned. Have confidence in God and your mission, Rose exhorts mentees in one chapter.

In another chapter, Rose explains the “Imposter Syndrome”—the paralyzing self-doubts that plague activists regarding their ability to advocate for their causes. “The reality is, I was in over my head from the beginning,” confesses Rose.

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