Nick and David: Victims of Clerical Malpractice

Cackles, Robots, and Death

By Judie Brown The scenes played out in nursing homes and hospitals these days are enough to make one physically ill. Between diagnoses by television screen and death by neglect, one is left wondering where the ethics of medicine has gone. It really is quite similar to watching the wicked old witch of Snow White […]

Pro-Aborts Hysterical in Alabama

By Judie Brown Alabaman Ryan Magers and his attorneys have done something groundbreaking in defense of babies killed by abortion. Magers is the father of a preborn child whose mother killed him—despite Magers’ vehement objections—by a medication abortion in 2017. The preborn child was in his sixth week of gestational development. Last week, “Madison County […]


We Will Be Victorious!

By Judie Brown In words that still resound throughout our pro-life communities, Mildred Fay Jefferson, MD once said: We are joined together by our common belief that the sanctity of life must be the foundation of our Democratic society. And we will call upon the representatives of a free press to please give us a fair hearing. […]


A Lenten Challenge

By Judie Brown The United States is confronting a moral crisis. And it can be fairly said that the Catholic leadership in this nation is responsible for much of it. What in the world would cause us to say such an outrageous thing? Well, let’s look at the facts. New York governor Mario Cuomo says […]


The Prenatal Border Wall: Where Is the Demand for Total Protection?

By Judie Brown Much has been written about President Trump’s determination to obtain the funding he needs for the border wall. He is so committed to this that he has declared a national emergency. The Democrats are pushing back, of course, led by pro-abortion “Catholic” Nancy Pelosi, who uses her Catholic identity to support her […]

Procreation v. Baby Making

By Judie Brown Ever since the first in vitro fertilization baby, Louise Brown, was born, problems have been at the forefront of the euphemistically-defined assisted reproductive technology business. While the claim has always been that ART helps infertile couples realize their hopes of having a family, the truth is far more sinister. As policy analyst […]