My Christmas Miracle

Ask Catholic Bishops to Protect Christ from Sacrilege

By Judie Brown Shortly after it was announced that Joseph R. Biden had been elected the president of the United States, Archbishop Jose Gomez—president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops—announced that the USCCB would form a working group “to address any ‘confusion’ about a faithful response to a Catholic politician backing public policy […]

Dumbing Down People

By Judie Brown Americans are not stupid, but many of them do believe whatever they think the facts are. That is a very dangerous reality, especially today, because those facts are often pure fiction. And yes, that is called propaganda. We who defend the innocent have seen far too much of it. In the case […]

Saving the World

By Judie Brown During his Respect Life homily, Bishop Samuel Aquila stated that “if dignity does not exist at . . . the beginning and the end [of life] it will not exist in between.” These profound words are urgently needed today as we contemplate our role in God’s plan. To the right and to the […]

Bidenized Catholicism

By Judie Brown Last week’s inauguration and subsequent events have given the public a taste of what it means to betray Christ and His Church. Headlines such as “Biden Is Catholic. He Also Supports Abortion Rights. Here’s What That Could Mean” and “Biden’s Catholic and Supports Abortion Rights. It Puts Him in the Majority of […]

Anniversaries, Deaths, and Terror

By Judie Brown This past week has been a literal whirlwind of emotions, historic events, and sad realities. On Tuesday, we learned that our dear friend Joe Scheidler had died at the age of 93, having crammed at least five lifetimes of pro-life action and love into his life. There are so many things we […]

Who Started the Violence?

By Judie Brown The January 6 events in our nation’s capital have provoked comments from nearly everyone, including those who claim that “pro-life terrorism” fueled the riots. As ridiculous as that may sound, we cannot overlook the fact that even Jesuit Fr. James Martin agreed, saying that priests and bishops should apologize for their use […]