Comment on Komen funding decision regarding Planned Parenthood and the aftermath

Pro-life Warriors in Waco, Texas

John Pisciotta and the crew at Pro-Life Waco are busy pro-life warriors! On the first Sunday of each month, for one hour in the afternoon, the group sponsors a monthly Life Chain at the intersection of Valley Mills and Waco Drives. Members gather in a parking lot, distribute signs and, with the help of “Carolyn” […]

‘Hooking Kids on Sex’

by: Michael Hichborn ‘Hooking Kids on Sex’ Just after Planned Parenthood revealed to the world how it treats “friends” like the Susan G. Komen Foundation, American Life League released an explosive new report that showed how Planned Parenthood exposes children to sexual material in order to seed a generation of sex addicts who will become […]

We Place Our Trust in You, Most Beloved Priests of Jesus Christ

by: Bud Macfarlane Part II (continued from last Wednesday) When the Anglican Lambeth Conference in 1930 rejected the always constant Christian unity on the grave sinfulness of contraception by allowing its use for serious reasons, Pope Pius XI responded immediately with the encyclical, Casti Connubii, on December 31, 1930, in which he so emphatically proclaimed the […]

The Nexus between Death Peddling and Tepid Teaching

By Judie Brown The highway toward total deception is strewn with unimaginable lapses on the part of our hierarchy. This is not meant to be a criticism. Rather, it is a fact based on what the priest receives upon ordination. The Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us that a man ordained to the priesthood […]

We Place Our Trust in You, Most Beloved Priests of Jesus Christ

Part I  Deo Gratias! The Church’s 40 years in the desert of dissent, deceit, and deadly silence about its constant infallible teaching on contraception in Humanae Vitae will soon be over. The “sensitive soft sell” and “sickening silence” regarding the spiritual cancer ofcontraception has emptied the well, and the Catholic Church in America is dying of spiritual […]

A pro-life approach to suicide prevention

Pro-lifers have been valiant in the long struggle against doctor-assisted suicide. Although they have lost battles in Oregon, Washington, and Montana, they have held the line in other states. Strong coalitions across political and religious lines have been one key to that success. Another key: promoting better care of people who have severe disabilities, better […]