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Planned Parenthood Takes Another Step in Deception Propaganda: A.L.L.

by Margaret Ekam

Planned Parenthood Takes Another Step in  Deception Propaganda: A.L.L.
Washington, D.C. – American Life League issues the following statement by Jim Sedlak, vice president, in response to Planned Parenthood’s recent unveiling of a new logo and tagline:
Planned Parenthood will now market “Care. No matter what.” as its new and improved tag line. But we know that that just dresses up its old lie. A truer tagline would be “Sex. No matter what.”  
Planned Parenthood’s recent push in targeting tweens and teens is morally reprehensible. The care the organization advocates is “proud to be a slut.” For example, on  PP Teens Facebook page, the video targeting the young states: “There’s tons of ways that people define ‘slut.’ Most, though, are f’d up.” What is the real message? This so-called instructional video for classrooms encourages promiscuous young girls and boys and states that they are merely “confident in their sexuality.”
What are we to make of the millions in taxpayer dollars that PP is being given under Obamacare to design and execute sex training programs such as TOP (Teen Outreach Program)? These programs are promoted as sex-positive sex education. Such programs are set to not only imperil the health and well-being of our young people, but also to deceive parents into thinking these programs teach abstinence and safety.
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