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Letters to the Editor: Planned Parenthood is not a ‘good guy’

Dear editor:

It is amazing that the majority of Americans still think of Planned Parenthood as an organization that actually serves the health interests of the poor, and women in particular. While that is a nice platitude, the facts are quite different.

But did you know that Planned Parenthood Federation of American earns more than $60 million annually on surgical abortions performed at its clinics?

Did you know that Planned Parenthood made only 1,414 referrals for adoption in 2004 while performing more than 255,000 surgical abortions?

Did you know that Planned Parenthood operates a web site for adolescents that has been described as lewd and obscene?

Planned Parenthood is not interested in the health and welfare of all Americans, but prefers to discriminate against those who reside in their mothers’ wombs. Planned Parenthood prefers to advocate promiscuity even though such behavior results in sexually transmitted diseases, broken hearts and dead babies.

It is about time that American citizens understood what is at stake when a Planned Parenthood facility operates in the community or when its volunteers “teach” in a classroom. Planned Parenthood promotes sexual permissiveness, birth control and abortion. Planned Parenthood works against parental involvement and freedom of conscience. Planned Parenthood is at the forefront of pressuring Catholic hospitals to deny the teachings of the Church in favor of supplying their brand of “health” care.

There is nothing good about the main focus of Planned Parenthood’s efforts; there is a great deal of evil that results from those efforts. It’s time to tell the truth: Planned Parenthood is not a respectable organization and its services do not contribute to the moral or physical health of the vast majority of its clients and victims.

To substantiate the facts stated in this letter, visit STOPP International.