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Countering Pro-Abortion Arguments 4

“The fetus is not a human being!”

  • A “human being” is a living member of the species Homosapiens. Science can determine, without doubt, whether or not any living thing is a human being. Genetically, once a human, always a human. A human being, from the moment of fertilization, is genetically complete. To quote professor Jerome Lejeune: “If a fertilized egg is not by itself a full human being, it could never become a man, because something would have to be added to it, and we know that does not happen.”‘
  • Fetal development:
    • By 6 weeks: all vital organs are present; brain waves can be recorded.
    • By 8 weeks: baby responds to painful stimuli; can grasp objects.
    • By 10 weeks: fingerprints and footprints permanently engraved on the skin; sucks thumb.
    • By 11-12 weeks: inhales and exhales amniotic fluid; shows distinct facial characteristics.
    • By 16 weeks: fingernails and eyelashes present; high activity level (e.g., kicking).
  • Humanity is not something one acquires like a skill; you are either human or you are not. People may undergo socialization, societies may undergo civilization, but a human being cannot undergo “humanization.” Humanity is innate, and no human being is more human than any other.
  • Quoted from Jerome Lejeune: “Because when people want to discard a baby they say to you it is not yet a baby. It’s something which is not that. And they try to build a theory of ‘humanization,’ saying that in the beginning there is something which is living, something which is maybe a little human, but it is not a human being, and it is with the improvement of it that some day, by a humanization process, it will become a true human fellow.
    “Well, that’s curious, because nobody argues about that when we are dealing with mice, for example, or when we are dealing with cattle, or even when we are dealing with a big primate like the chimpanzee. Nobody believes that there is a progressive chimpanzification of a chimpanzee. Why, then, does he believe that there is a progressive humanization of a human being? For a very simple reason. Because it doesn’t matter the size of the chimpanzee you kill, you are sure you are killing just a chimpanzee. But when you are dealing with human beings that you want to destroy, it is difficult to accept that they are similar to you. Then you get into moral trouble. And that is just the reason why people try to masquerade the truth by asking questions which have no sense. Because they would not scientifically ask those questions for any other living system than the system they will to destroy.”
  • Define the “fetus”
    When the pro-abortionist refers to “the fetus,” insist that the kind of fetus be specified. The monkey fetus? The pig fetus? No. The human fetus.Remember, the anti-lifer’s goal is to dehumanize the preborn child. Forcing pro-abortionists to admit they’re talking about the human fetus makes this much harder.They must now say:”The human fetus is not a human being.” Yet, both are human. This would imply the unentable notion that the fetus is not a “being,” or living entity. Fact: the fetus is a being; the human fetus is a human being.And human fetus is just scientific jargon for baby in the womb.