Three Ways to Spread the Culture of Life in Your Neighborhood

Former Planned Parenthood President Explains in New Book How She Wasn’t Pro-Abortion Enough

By Jim Sedlak Dr. Leana Wen is a former president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. She served in those positions for the shortest amount of time compared to all the other CEO/presidents of the organization. The selection of Wen was announced by Planned Parenthood in September 2018; she took office in November […]

Why CLSP? And Why Now?

By Susan Ciancio American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program is a Catholic pro-life educational program for students preschool aged through high school. Our lessons cover a wide range of topics—from one-day lessons on saints; to handprint lessons with activities for younger kids; to four-day lessons on euthanasia, the sanctity of marriage, and the […]

Predatory Implants

By Judie Brown We know that there are predator aircraft that are armed, intelligence-gathering vehicles. And we know that there are human predators as well. However, the predators we will discuss today are not the weirdos living on the fringes of society. Sadly, the ones we will discuss are two University of Utah professors: Margaret Pabst Battin and Brent Kious, […]

Pro-Life This Week – August 13, 2021

Week in Review – The Senate stays in session to vote on horrible budget bills Although the United States Senate is supposed to be out of session for their August recess this week, they are officially in “extra innings” and busy voting on budget bills. Among the bills voted on this week was the $3.5 […]

Viable Betrayal

By Judie Brown Mississippi has been in the news recently because of an abortion case that has made its way to the Supreme Court. The case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, is about a “late-term abortion ban” regarding a “2018 Mississippi law prohibits abortions after 15 weeks except when there are risks to the life or […]

Planned Parenthood Taxpayer Funding: An Update

By Jim Sedlak At the request of members of Congress, the United States General Accounting office issued two reports in the last eight months on taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood and similar organizations. The first report, Health Care Funding: Federal Obligations to and Funds Received by Certain Organizations Involved in Health-Related Services, 2016 through 2018, […]