BREAKING: Cardinal Pell Will Appeal to Australian High Court

Pro-Life This Week – September 25, 2020

Week in Review – A new Supreme Court Justice—pro-life or pro-death? The biggest news affecting the pro-life movement this week is the death of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg. May God have mercy on her soul. Justice Ginsburg was adamantly pro-abortion. Even more, there is evidence that Ginsburg understood abortion as […]

Unique Fight Against Racist Planned Parenthood CSE

By Jim Sedlak Racist Planned Parenthood has always had a three-step business plan. The first step uses classroom sexual “education” programs (currently called Comprehensive Sexuality Education) to groom our children to participate in a sexual lifestyle. That is followed by selling our children (either directly or through a government- or corporate-funded program) birth control products […]

Celebrate the Feast Day of St. Vincent de Paul

By Susan Ciancio “Whoever cares for the poor lends to the Lord, who will pay back the sum in full.” – Proverbs 19:17 This Sunday, September 27, is the feast day of St. Vincent de Paul. According to Catholic Online: “He infused a ‘Christian spirit among more than 20,000 persons in his last 23 years.’” […]

The Ginsburg Principle

By Judie Brown Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died, but the legacy that she leaves behind will not die. She is described as a feminist icon whose uncompromising support for abortion rights, homosexual rights, and other leftist cultural goals made her a hero for many. In a dissenting opinion on the Box v. […]

Carr Was Wrong When He Wrote the First Document on Catholics and Voting

If we can’t defend the right to life, how from what high ground can we claim justice for any other moral question?

CLM Book Review: ‘This Is Your Brain on Birth Control’

By Susan Ciancio The subtitle of this book, “The surprising science of women, hormones, and the law of unintended consequences,” is a perfect description of what you will find inside. For years, I have been aware of the harmful effects—physical, psychological, and moral—of the birth control pill, so I was excited to read this book […]