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Abortion Is Always Deadly

We cannot run or hide from the reality that an abortion kills a preborn baby. Nor can we deny the many ways our nation kills babies each and every day. Don’t turn a blind eye to the facts. Educate yourselves.


We live in a constantly changing world where the lines between science fiction and reality become more and more blurred every day.


What happens when children become just a commodity? We become a society devoid of morality. We become a society teetering on the brink of destruction.


With the culture of death running rampant in our society, we crave the voice of reason, the voice of morality. Will Pope Francis be that voice?

Making Babies without God

When people become blind to Church teaching and put their wants and needs above Our Lord’s, they lead their souls into jeopardy. It is not only then that our leaders should step in and intervene, but before this mentality takes hold. In a world saturated with selfishness and the absence of God, we desperately need leaders who lead.

Men for All Seasons

Controversy appears to have adopted a different framework, and we now have a new adaptation of what it means to be outside the mainstream.

Parents the Primary Educators of Their Children

By Dr. Thomas Ward
It is a challenge to our families to replace today’s dominant culture of death with all its attacks on human normality: on life, love, sexuality, marriage, family, and indeed Christianity itself.

Why Today’s Eugenics Is Wrong

By Christopher M. Reilly
If you have ever heard the word “eugenics,” you probably know that it is a heinous act. And in the 21st century, we’re supposed to be more sophisticated and better behaved than the Nazis or the 18th and 19th century Americans who plotted massive exterminations of the “undesirable” population.

Perverse Fruits of IVF

The medical community touts in vitro fertilization as something great, something amazing. But it omits the fact that this procedure is not victimless. Neither is it moral or ethical. Today’s commentary explores the words of Pope John Paul II and the Church and explains what every Catholic should know.