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Why You Should Teach Fetal Development to Your Young Children

At a time in our history when Planned Parenthood has been exposed to the world as an organization that will kill babies and then rob their bodies of organs, tissues, and cells, we need answers. How should we prepare our children to live in a world like this? ALL’s Culture of Life Studies Program has the answer.

The Power of One

In the early 1900s a young woman set out on a mission to make birth control an acceptable practice and rid the world of the weak, the disabled, and the unwanted—those she and her cohorts deemed unfit to live. This woman, Margaret Sanger, changed the course of history. She pushed for, and saw before her death, the legalization of birth control. She founded Planned Parenthood—the organization responsible for the destruction of millions upon millions of tiny human beings’ lives through abortion and contraception. Margaret Sanger was clearly committed to her evil cause, leaving behind a haunting legacy of promiscuity, birth control, and abortion.

Babies Twisting in the Wind

Imagine being utterly helpless, wanting to cry for somebody-anybody-to come to your aid. Yet no one can hear you. No one comes for you; you are incredibly alone. And then suddenly there is intense pain and you can cry no more.

A Positive Year Leads to a Bright Future

As another year closes, we take a few moments to reflect upon the blessings bestowed upon us. We offer a prayer of thanks for our faith, for the power of Our Lord, and for the people who have helped effect change. And we look forward to a year filled with many more blessings a year where we hope to see lives spared, hearts opened, and souls saved.