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Pro-Life This Week – March 13, 2020

Week in Review – Highlights from new ALL report

This week, American Life League released its 2019 Planned Parenthood Facilities Report. Commenting on the 2019 report, Judie Brown, president of American Life League, stated: “For the 16th year in a row, Planned Parenthood closed more facilities than it opened. It ended 2019 with 587 medical facilities. Offsetting that good news, Planned Parenthood began committing medical and/or surgical abortions at 18 new facilities in 2019.”

We present to you today some of the significant highlights of the report. We encourage you to read the entire report as your time permits.

One of the most significant findings is that Planned Parenthood increased the number of its facilities that commit surgical and/or medical abortion by 18. That brings Planned Parenthood to a total of 375 locations that do surgical and/or medical abortions. PP now operates 53 percent of all the killing centers in the country.

The 18 new locations were created in 13 states—three more in both California and Texas; two more in New Jersey; and one each in Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Washington.

The total number of Planned Parenthood facilities fell from 590 in 2018 to 587 at the end of 2019. This was the result of PP closing 13 facilities and opening 10. The report documents that California is still the state with the most Planned Parenthood clinics. Of the 587 total facilities, 317 are concentrated in nine states (California (106), New York (57), Washington (33), Texas (31), Wisconsin (24), Pennsylvania (24), Ohio (22), New Jersey (22), and Florida (20).

Planned Parenthood has zero medical facilities in North Dakota and Wyoming and only one facility in four states (Arkansas, Mississippi, Rhode Island, and West Virginia).

After committing a record number of abortions in 2018 (345,672), Planned Parenthood is showing its need for more abortions as it extends its abortion business to 18 more sites. Planned Parenthood stretches its reign as the nation’s largest abortion chain. It now operates 375 surgical and medical abortion facilities—53 percent of all the abortion centers in the country.

More than any other organization, Planned Parenthood is heavily focused on medication abortions (the abortion pill). Planned Parenthood operates 209 medical-only abortuaries—85 percent of all such facilities in the United States.

The report from American Life League contains eight tables of data, including a complete listing of all the Planned Parenthood Mega-Abortion centers in the United States, along with the year they opened. 

The report also has a graph that shows the rise and fall of the number of Planned Parenthood medical facilities since the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. That graph clearly illustrates the impact of pro-life activities that lead to the closure of Planned Parenthood facilities.

The full report can be found here.

ALL in the News – Judie Calls out Chuck Schumer for Inciting Violence; Annual STOPP Report Released to the Media

On March 6, American Life League president, Judie Brown, released a statement regarding Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s scathing remarks directed toward two sitting Supreme Court justices. Judie’s statement was the focal point of an article published by Law and Crime

On Wednesday, March 11, STOPP International released its annual report on Planned Parenthood facilities. The report was released to the media in this press release Thursday morning, March 12.

Judie’s weekly commentaries continue to be featured as a column on Renew America.

Jim Sedlak’s Pro-Life Activism from Creation to Death is a weekly talk-radio program on the Radio Maria USA network. The show can be heard live every Friday at noon (Eastern Time) and is repeated on Saturdays (10 PM). 

Video of the Week – Four things you need to know before entering the voting booth.

Every Friday afternoon, American Life League staff members Katie Brown and Dwain Currier host a live stream on Instagram to discuss one or two stories that we think are important to American Life League’s followers. 

Last week we named a few celebrities who achieved superstardom after becoming mothers at a young age. Then, later, we showed a few images that pro-life advocates should avoid entirely.

Action Item of the Week – How you can help close down Planned Parenthood facilities

We recently received a call from the leader of a pro-life group who stated: “We’ve been praying in front of our local Planned Parenthood for over 30 years. It is still open. How can we get it closed?”

Since a number of groups across the country ask the same kind of question, we bring you the following suggestions based on STOPP’s work over the last 35 years.

First, let’s understand that prayer is mandatory in this effort. We do not know of anyone who closed down a Planned Parenthood facility without prayer. We recommend you add to the number of people praying for the closure of your Planned Parenthood facility by having your prayer warriors join the Marian Blue Wave. All involved in the MBW pray a Rosary a week for the closing of all Planned Parenthood facilities in the country. By having your people join, you are now adding the prayers of all the other members to your local prayers to close your facility. As the number of participants move from the thousands to the tens of thousands, Planned Parenthood will find it harder to keep your facility open.

Then, expand you efforts beyond the pro-life community. Planned Parenthood is an evil organization and should be fought by just about everyone in your community. But, when pro-life groups focus exclusively on PP’s abortion business, it fails to attract many natural allies. Clearly, PP’s abortion business needs to be fought and you should never compromise on that. But here are some additional allies that you need to get involved:

  1. Planned Parenthood pushes the religion of Humanism. Humanists “believe that traditional theism, especially faith in the prayer-hearing God, assumed to live and care for persons, to hear and understand their prayers, and to be able to do something about them, is an unproved and outmoded faith.” They “find insufficient evidence for belief in the existence of a supernatural.” “We can discover no divine purpose or providence for the human species … humans are responsible for what we are or will become. No deity will save us; we must save ourselves … Promises of immortal salvation or fear of eternal damnation are both illusory and harmful.” Clearly, every pastor of every God-fearing church in your community should be fighting Planned Parenthood.
  2. Planned Parenthood targets your children. In order to survive, Planned Parenthood MUST get young people involved in a sexual lifestyle. Just pay attention to the emphasis on classroom sexuality education that is being pushed by PP and its friends. PP uses CSE to get your kids involved in sex and send millions of dollars into its coffers. A sexual lifestyle destroys kids’ lives and leads to severe problems. Every concerned parent, regardless of his or her stand on abortion, should join in the fight against Planned Parenthood once you show them PP’s designs for their children. 
  3. Planned Parenthood receives government money because they claim to serve “poor” people. The majority of Planned Parenthood customers are middle school, high school and college students, or recent college grads. When any of these people (including pre-teens) go to Planned Parenthood for sex products, only their personal income counts. Therefore, just about every one of them is considered a “poor” person—regardless of their parents’ incomes—and qualifies for government programs. As a result, since 1987, Planned Parenthood has received over $10 billion in taxpayer money while recording profits of $2 billion. Clearly, every fiscal conservative in your community should join in the fight against Planned Parenthood

By taking the steps to enlarge the number of people praying for the closing of your facility and then getting more of your community involved, the pressure on Planned Parenthood will increase and the closing of its facility in your town will become more imminent. 

Pro-life Social Media – If you don’t want the virus, avoid people who have it. Common sense, right?

The CDC tells us that to prevent spread of the coronavirus, we should avoid close contact with people who are or might be infected. In other words, if you don’t want the virus, avoid people who have it. Common sense, right?

Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon relayed that information with its own infographic— 

Now imagine if a person doesn’t have the coronavirus but a sexually transmitted virus instead. Does Planned Parenthood offer the same health recommendation? 

The surest way to avoid an infection is to avoid the behavior that spreads the infection—contact with infected people, sneezing into the air, touching everything everyone else has handled.

But when it comes to sexually transmitted infections that are spread through skin-to-skin contact, Planned Parenthood’s best recommendation isn’t to avoid sexual behavior—it’s to use a condom. 

Planned Parenthood’s business model depends on promiscuity. Poor health habits are what bring customers through its doors. End the habit, end the business. When young adults and teenagers accept God’s plan for marriage, sex, and procreation, sexually transmitted diseases come to a screeching halt.

Planned Parenthood can’t make money off virtue.