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Catholic Relief Services Under Fire

Washington, DC—-The official international aid arm of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has “no business giving money to organizations that work directly against the Church.” So says Michael Hichborn, a Catholic researcher and director of the Defend the Faith project at American Life League, the nation’s oldest Catholic pro-life organization.

“CRS says that it would never fund an organization like Planned Parenthood because it has a threshold in terms of what it will fund. But, when CRS gives $2.8 million dollars to Population Services International, it does so knowing that the preponderance of PSI’s work is population control,” says Hichborn. “CRS says it consulted a moral theologian about the fungibility of its grants to organizations like PSI. Instead, the organization should consult with an economist or just common sense.”

ALL maintains that CRS’ responses to criticisms are more public relations than reality. “Blanket dismissals that partnering with PSI does not help spread a contraceptive worldview are problematic to say the least. It is absurd that a Catholic organization would collaborate with, let alone help introduce, PSI to anyone.”

The full interview outlining ongoing concerns about CRS funding decisions can be viewed online.


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