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American Life League Responds to Vatican Sex Education Project

Washington, DC —William Mahoney, PhD, editor of ALL’s Celebrate Life Magazine, issued a statement today in response to the Pontifical Council for the Family’s latest project, The Meeting Point: Project for Affective and Sexual Formation.

Dr. Mahoney, who is a Doctor of Theology and also holds a Dogmatic Licentiate of Sacred Theology, found a number of problems contained in the Vatican’s new sex education project:

This project fails to provide clear Catholic instruction on faith or morals and thus falls outside the competency and authority of the ordinary magisterium. . . . Since the Church has already provided clear Catholic instruction on sexual education in light of faith and morals, this latest project of the Pontifical Council for the Family not only can be challenged, but must be challenged.

The project does not clearly state the role of parents in educating their children, especially in matters of human sexuality . . . and it does not follow Catholic teaching on education in sexual matters.

You can read Dr. Mahoney’s full statement on American Life League’s website here.

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