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Lame, Lamer, Lamest

By Judie Brown

Speaking as a seasoned pro-life veteran, I have to say that the theme of this year’s March for Life—”Next Steps, Marching into a Post-‘Roe’ America”—was anything but inspiring. There are really no “next steps” beyond ending the scourge of abortion, and surely nobody really believes that the weak Dobbs decision was anything but a sop. Once we realize this, we know that the next step is the same as the previous step because until we end the killing, our task is the same.

To remind those who have forgotten, the Dobbs decision threw the effort to end the killing back to the states. It was cowardly, and that is a fact.

But on the heels of that event came the recently introduced legislative proposal out of South Carolina, deceptively called the Human Life Protection Act (H3774). This proposed law contains exceptions, does not make note of chemical or medical abortion, and is a failed attempt to take what some have described as a politically realistic step. But it is not going to save babies by recognizing them as human beings. Oh, no! The goal is not to end killing a generation of Palmetto state preborn citizens but rather to regulate who will live and who will die. Thus the proposal is lamer than the March for Life theme.

So what is lamest of all? The most deplorable among recent events in the pro-life movement may be this statement of surrender to the culture of death entitled “Building a Post-‘Roe’ Future.”

I say this without apology because once the statement is totally digested you will see what I see. It is clear that many pro-life organizations have chosen to abandon the total protection of every innocent person without exception and without compromise in favor of doing worldly things such as achieving affordable healthcare for parents and children, flexible work hours for parents working outside the home, and so on. In other words, rather than keep the proverbial eye on the human personhood ball, many have publicly proclaimed that with the Dobbs decision in place, we must look elsewhere for tasks and stop the quest for total protection.

Now don’t get me wrong! There is absolutely nothing inappropriate in the statement “Building a Post-‘Roe’ Future,” but in my mind, at least, we enjoined the enemy to end the bloody killing of babies. We choose to fight all manner of preborn child killing, including the bloodless killings caused by contraceptive methods, abortion pills, and in vitro fertilization.

We are anti child-killing people, not community organizers!

And yet there it is, the lamest gobbledygook in a world somehow wedded to the idea that politics is where it’s at, babies be damned!

And I for one cannot abide any of this. There are thousands of little ones dying right now despite the Dobbs ruling, and everyone knows it. After all, Dobbs is a states’ rights decision, not by any means a final victory for the innocents.

Once we have ended the murderous practices noted here, we can strive to mend families, communities, and the nation while pouring our resources into support for mothers and children—born and preborn. But let’s complete the work God called us to do first!

We don’t accept lame excuses; we strive to do amazing things by relying on God and defending every single one of His babies.