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History Is a Great Teacher

By Judie Brown

Spanish-American philosopher George Santayana once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” There is great wisdom in those words, especially when we look back at the last year. Let’s take a look at why this is so.

Starting with the media itself, we are told that the manner in which reporters cover abortion and its allied insults to the human person are changing. To wit, “POLITICO’s review of local newspaper articles shows that coverage of abortion has been divvied up not just among health care reporters, but politics reporters, education reporters and sports reporters—a reflection of how many facets of American life intersect with abortion policy.” 

Clearly the female reporter has her finger on the pulse of a media sworn to protect a woman’s “right” to abort her child even though the truth about how abortion affects an expectant mother and how it destroys an innocent human being remain buried or ignored in any news story, if they appear at all.

Surely, we cannot rely on the media to get the facts straight. Perhaps some or most reporters are wedded to the idea that abortion is a reality of life and that other topics are more interesting. That is what happens when killing a preborn baby becomes just another aspect of daily life.

But for those who commit the killing, there is a different take on the question. Abortion facility founder Morgan Nuzzo “expressed concern that women might be choosing to keep their children instead of undergoing an abortion in the third trimester. ‘People don’t expect to need a later abortion, or an abortion after 28 weeks,’ she said. ‘And so I think sometimes when people are told that they’re further along in pregnancy, it’s just like, well, that’s the end.’”

Her words “that’s the end” remind me of a hand-wringing businessperson who cannot figure out why her bottom line looks so bad. But of course, for Nuzzo, the bottom line is blood money, which apparently makes her frustration over the loss of revenue even worse. But we should remember that, thanks be to God, what is the end result for her in financial loss means a chance to be born for the child.

But you see, this is the thing. Not all pro-life groups focus on the preborn’s humanity, helping average Americans see through the gloss to the actual fact that a person will die if an abortion is committed. The media surely are often part of that subterfuge but not always. Newsweek published an insightful column on this very topic, including these words:

Changing our culture’s opinion on abortion will take dogged commitment, perseverance, and patience. Overcoming pro-abortion ballot measures will require discernment and course corrections. This new chapter for pro-life advocates will bring new challenges, but if the last 50 years tell us anything, it is that we will rise to the occasion. We will persevere. And ultimately, we will overcome.

The devil is always in the details, forever prowling around looking for ways to undermine the truth. For example, while we keep our focus on ending evils like contraception, abortion, and euthanasia, the Biden administration is busy promoting it. In the 2022 fiscal year, it sent 65 million condoms to foreign countries and called it climate control.

Meanwhile, counterfeit Catholic universities like Georgetown persist in educating men and women in anything but actual Catholic doctrine. In fact, most recently Georgetown added the infamous doctor Anthony Fauci to its faculty as a distinguished professor. You may recall Fauci as the COVID guru. But he is also the man who used fetal cells in research and spoke at a Vatican conference. After all, he does define himself as a Catholic who doesn’t need to “do” faith! 

In addition, the marketing of transgenderism as a legitimate choice captured the front page of newspapers and was ensconced in society’s lexicon as easily as a New Year’s resolution that falls flat the moment it is uttered.

Recapping 2023 would not be complete without a mention of the latest papal declaration about couples in “irregular situations.” The document raised eyebrows and indicates the incompetence of Pope Francis’ Dicastery on the Doctrine of the Faith.

The year 2023 was certainly a year we can learn from—or perhaps ignore—depending on your view of what makes human beings and their decisions more likely to be pleasing to God.

But as for me and my compadres at American Life League, we will serve the Lord.

Happy New Year!