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Good Old Joe

By Judie Brown

Joe Biden, president of the United States, is 79 years old, but he is still thinking about sex. What other explanation could there be for his fascination with abortion pills, morning after pills, and contraception in general?

Joe Biden, who claims to be Catholic, is totally devoted to any activity that will prevent or end the life of a preborn child. On July 8, in the wake of the Supreme Court decision on Dobbs, Biden signed an executive order “directing federal agencies to take steps within their power to safeguard abortions and reproductive health services, including ensuring the availability of emergency contraceptive medications and providing legal protection for out-of-state patients and abortion providers.”

In addition, Democrat senator Patty Murray is reported to have suggested that “the Biden administration will now be ‘crack[ing] down on insurers who are breaking the law and putting up barriers between patients and their birth control . . . because Republicans have not only struck down Roe and ripped away the right to an abortion, but they have also made it clear they have their sights on the right to birth control next.’” 

Murray is backing up her verbal hysteria with a proposal called the Right to Contraception Act. This proposal currently has no bill number, but it certainly has a host of supporters in the Senate, and of course good old Joe will be out there fighting for its passage as well.

More than few politicians take advantage of the fact that there is a national obsession with contraception and abortion that gives no quarter to a single baby, whether she has just been created or if she’s nearly born. And sadly, while good old Joe may be the most recent Catholic to insult Christ with his behavior, he is not the first elected Catholic official to do so and probably will not be the last.

As far back as 1963 the alleged Catholic in public life was making a mockery of his faith. When President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was asked whether he thought the US should supply funds for international birth control studies, he replied: “If your question is: Can we do more, should we know more about the whole reproduction cycle, and should this information be made more available to the world so that everyone can make their own judgment, I would think that it would be a matter which we could certainly support.”

Of course, the cry is that nobody should bring their religion to bear on public life, but that is as silly as saying that the pope should put his faith in his pocket when he meets with people of other religions. One’s faith forms his conscience, or at least it should. And for the ethical man, regardless of his religious preference, an author paraphrasing C.S. Lewis once wrote: “The lighthouse of Christianity shines because it is based on the reality of an objective and universal Moral Code that we mysteriously know and have broken. It is this truth which makes Christianity’s offer of forgiveness, and its gift of supernatural help towards keeping that Moral Code, so incredible.”

Universal is the key word because what is right is always right, and what is wrong is always wrong. There are shades of violence, but it is always violence. By the same token, there are shades of love, but it is always love. One cannot love truth while simultaneously advocating for the murder of the innocent.

Old Joe has made his choice. He visibly stands by his actions and words on the side of what he calls personal freedoms, such as abortion, contraception, homosexual acts, and all manner of sexual evil. He stands against the truth we know as Jesus Christ.

Each of us must also make that choice. May we have the courage to stand with the truth—Jesus Christ—and pray that people like old Joe come to see, acknowledge, and accept that truth as well.