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Feminist Earthquake

By Judie Brown

Many women are up in arms because of the imminent Supreme Court decision regarding legality of the abortion drug mifepristone. Some in the media have stated that this suggests that abortion rights are at stake. Among those concerned is Democrat pollster Anna Greenberg, former employee of Planned Parenthood and Reproductive Freedom for All. She said “If [the decision] were to in some way result in [mifepristone] not being available, I just think it’s another earthquake.”

This sentiment is rampant among proponents of killing the preborn. The current hysteria is based on the court action in April of last year. At that time, “the Supreme Court . . . preserved women’s access to a drug used in the most common method of abortion, rejecting lower-court restrictions while a lawsuit continues.”

And now that lawsuit has arrived at the justices’ doorstep. The question is whether or not the court will actually outlaw the drug. That remains to be seen of course, but that does not stop proponents of abortion from pulling out every horror story and scare tactic in their arsenal of words and images.

A timely example of this is the myth of forced birth. The basic argument is that if abortion is curtailed for any reason, that limitation on the woman’s choice is the same as forcing her to have her baby. Of course this belies the obvious fact that if a female does not wish to be with child, then she simply protects herself by practicing chastity. In a sane world that would make perfect sense, but we are far from rational thought in the public square in this nation when the topic is pregnancy.

As pro-life Americans, we are often referred to as forced birthers, and allegedly our hero in the quest to stop killing the innocent is none other than Donald Trump! Now that is a joke, but the media is not laughing. So let’s get something straight for our doughy-headed opponents.

The preborn child normally comes into existence because a man and a woman engage in a sexual act that, if the woman is in her fertile period, may result in pregnancy. This is not a political fact but rather a natural occurrence. As renowned philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand wrote in Marriage: The Mystery of Faithful Love:

No natural human good has been exalted so high in the New Testament. No other good has been chosen to become one of the Seven Sacraments. No other has been endowed with the honor of participating directly in the Kingdom of God. . . . The wonderful, divinely appointed relationship between the mysterious procreation of a new human being and this most intimate communion of love . . . illuminates the grandeur and solemnity of this union. . . . Thus it is that in order to preserve the reverent attitude of the spouses toward the mystery of this union, this general connection between procreation and the communion of love must always be maintained.

While feminists may clamor for equality in everything, including their rights, the single most important right is not theirs to bequeath on others. Nor did a mere human provide it to any one of them. The right to life is endowed by God, the Creator of Life, and to Him every person—male and female—owes gratitude for this gift.

The feminist earthquake is nothing more than denial of simple eternal truths. As such, it will peter out and fade away. Tremors of that sort are of the evil one and never stand the test of time.