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America’s Reproductive Assault Weapons

By Judie Brown

The Incredible Shrinking Woman was a 1981 movie about a housewife who grows smaller after being exposed to chemicals found in household products and cosmetics. It was a fictional comedy, but what is happening today as women ingest a different type of chemical is not fiction, and it is certainly not humorous. In truth, it is a panoply of drugs, devices, and surgeries scoffed up by women who have bought the reproductive rights lie.

Countering this ongoing destructive campaign are people who do their level best every day to help women and care for them in their time of need in places known as pregnancy help centers, and while their work is honorable, their public image is often quite the opposite. This is why Congressman Chris Smith has introduced the Pregnancy Center Support Act—a proposed law that would implement a 50% tax credit for anyone who chooses to financially support these centers.

Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, who introduced this proposal in the United States Senate, said, “The life-affirming impact of pregnancy centers is considerable and growing following the Dobbs decision that allows life-saving laws to take effect across America. . . . Despite what the radical pro-abortion left wants us to believe, the pro-life movement is also a pro-woman movement with a long history of empowering women during pregnancy and after.”

We wonder why such attitudes are not in the majority, but there is positive movement underway even though the media may not tell the story. Members of the press are instead preoccupied with grotesque proposals such as the Wisconsin Right to Contraception Act—a proposal designed to protect a so-called woman’s “right” to contraception.

The facts about contraception, its dangers, and its various mechanisms of action—including aborting young embryos—are not on the table when politicians ply their trade in public. Very few are willing to expose the hazards, especially since the majority of Americans, ignorant of the facts, support their use. In fact, medical journals use words such as could or might when discussing the interference the pill has with implantation.

But, as we well know regarding basic fetal development, if the human embryo does not implant, she dies.

In addition, the most effective chemical assault weapons females use to ensure the death of their preborn children are called medication abortions. By ingesting pills such as mifepristone and misoprostol, a mother can kill her preborn baby as far along as 70 days gestational age.

Keeping this in mind, we suggest that when politicians say they are taking steps to protect a “right” to contraceptive “care,” they are really telling the public they favor chemical assault weapons that kill the preborn. But neither elected officials nor those who vote for them seem to be concerned enough to seek the truth. Nor would such people approve of our description of the most favored forms of fertility control as weapons of mass destruction, even though that is what they are.

If we were living in a morally sound country, the people of this nation would be up in arms over such facts. Indeed, I dare say we might actually achieve a total ban on such pills and devices, not to mention surgical abortion. But we do not reside in such a place.

After more than half a century of decriminalized availability of such lethal tools, some would say we are fighting an unwinnable battle. But such opinions are based on human factors, not on the Truth as Christ has taught us, including the fact that “for God all things are possible.”

We are on a battlefield, engaged in a deadly war, yet our hope never wanes. We trust in the mercy of God, the truth of our words, and the integrity of the human person. Our enemies are bloodthirsty, yes, but we have the armor of God, and we know that He is always with us.

Thus, we know that America’s reproductive assault weapons will ultimately be crushed under the weight of the very bodies they have mutilated and destroyed. God will not be mocked.