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A Right to Defy God

By Judie Brown

Pharmacists, mothers, fathers, and children are among the people targeted by the killing machine driving the thirst for decriminalized abortion and other evils. While it is true that the Supreme Court upheld a state’s right to regulate abortion, it did not render a just decision that would protect all innocent people from the wiles of the death peddlers.

Perhaps this why the proponents of abortion are going a bit mad on the subject of the morning-after pill. In Minnesota, for example, Andrea Anderson went to the local pharmacy to have a morning-after pill prescription filled, and the pharmacist refused. Allegedly, the pharmacist—George Badeaux—refused to fill the prescription “based on his beliefs, but [told her] that a pharmacist working the following day could fill it if a snowstorm didn’t prevent the pharmacist from getting to work.” And while the woman ultimately did get the pills from a different pharmacy, the point of the story was clear.

Anderson found it necessary to file a lawsuit against Badeaux because she is an alleged victim of his discriminatory behavior. Badeaux chose to follow his conscience, and now he is being sued!

If we follow this story to a logical conclusion, we might presume that in our nation today if your conscience is formed by moral teaching or ethics grounded in truth, you could be in a lot of trouble.

Apparently there is an unfettered right to rob an innocent person of his human rights (the right to life) with a chemical assault weapon (the morning-after pill). Some call this justice, but I call it madness.

For others, the immorality du jour is the glorification of same-sex relationships, whether described as the twisted redefinition of marriage or equality. Some strive to codify same-sex marriage in the laws of this nation. Fr. Shenan Boquet writes that the strategy behind the move appears to have been as simple as an algebra exponent elevated to the highest power.

The role of that exponent in Algebra is as powerful as the homosexual rights movement within our government. Why? Because hidden behind those little numbers are big things, or in the case of the homosexual agenda, horrific things that have slowly altered the attitudes of far too many Americans.

According to Fr. Boquet, progressives have used the courts

to usher in radical social change may well pay off. Ever since the Supreme Court handed down Obergefell in 2015, public support for same-sex “marriage” has continued to climb. According to recent polls, public support may now be as high as 70%.

One consequence of which is that while Republican legislators were once overwhelmingly opposed to same-sex “marriage,” many are now willing to vote the other way. On July 19, the U.S. House voted to pass HR 8404. The vote was 267-157, with all Democrats voting to support the bill, as well as 47 Republicans (including 14 Catholic representatives).

Seeping like steady drops of rain onto a cardboard box, the homosexual agenda has made its way to the center of media indoctrination, be it news, comedy, or drama.

Words have become the arrows in the devil’s quiver. Thus, we are not surprised that Planned Parenthood has told us through the words of “trans”-teens, “My pronouns are they/them/theirs, and that’s a non-negotiable . . . they’re so important because they are the smallest and easiest way that you can acknowledge somebody’s identity.”

Over and over again we see examples of defiance of God, denial of Truth, and disdain for what is good in our world as created by God.

An honest examination of the moral—or should I say immoral—landscape in the culture today compels me to repeat these profound words of St. John Paul II, spoken to a large audience of young people in 1999: “Do not be afraid to be holy! Have the courage and humility to present yourselves to the world determined to be holy, since full, true freedom is born from holiness. This aspiration will help you discover genuine love, untainted by selfish and alienating permissiveness.”

Instead of falling for that mediocrity so prevalent in our nation today, we must fight against the prevalent talking point that man has a right to defy God.

Remember, “Do not fail Christ who, full of love, calls you to follow him and sends you out like the Apostle James to the ends of the earth.”