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What Time Is It in Hell?

By Hugh Brown

Today’s reality is that we have become complicit in the insanity and evil of our current culture. I say that we are complicit because, at the end of the day, we do nothing. We elect the same people over and over and over even though we know they have no solutions. Politicians gravitate to the camera and to fake outrage because they want us to reelect them.

As practicing Catholics, we turn to our leaders for answers. Our leaders are our parish priests. I can tell you that, at the level of the parish priest, we have many, many heroic Godly men. Beyond that, it’s a crapshoot. As Catholics, we pray for the help of both the saints and martyrs. These are men and women who, in some cases, died miserable deaths defending the weak, standing in the place of the accused, and sacrificing their lives in the defense of marriage and in defense of children born and preborn. But, first and foremost, saints were holy men and women who loved the Church and who loved Christ and His truth more than life itself.

Do you see that same level of devotion today? Do you see holy men and women who would prefer death to betraying Christ? In parts of the world, yes. In America, no.

Remember Saint Ignatius of Antioch, who was a bishop 1,700 years ago? He was eaten alive by lions for practicing his faith and refusing to worship the secular gods of the time. Does that extraordinary witness and sacrifice stand true today when Catholic Church leaders are faced with the choice of bowing down before the demonic gods of 2019 or standing firm for Christ and His teachings? No. We have people like Joe Biden who weep when discussing their great love and devotion to their Catholic faith but who also support aborting babies up to birth. The devil has robbed Biden of his comprehension of what is true and just.

Biden, the great deceiver, has become fat and engorged on the blood of the preborn. He serves the god of death. He has been in public office as long as abortion has been legal in America. In addition, contrary to the tenets of our Catholic faith, he officiated a wedding of two people of the same sex. He serves the false gods of 2019 and is an agent of hell. As sick and perverted and lost as his soul is, he can still be saved because Christ never gives up on anyone.

But are our bishops witnessing to truth, having a holy effect on Biden, and encouraging him to come back to truth at the foot of Christ? No! The chance for the crown of sainthood awaits the bishops and cardinals of 2019 asking to be embraced and worn. All they have to do is rebuke the evil one.

Every bishop and priest is called to stand firm in the stronghold of truth. Each is called to weather the slings and arrows of hate and accusation and to thank God for the opportunity to share in Christ’s sufferings.

That example alone could cure the sickness of apathy and sloth that has become embedded in so many lost Catholic souls.

Mass shootings, abortion, death, grotesque entertainment, and more are all symptoms of nonexistent Catholic leadership from bishops and cardinals obsessed with plastic straws, immigration, and sea turtles. 

The devil is prowling the earth, and prayer alone is not enough. Saint Augustine said:

“Pray as if everything depended on God. Work as if everything depended on you.”

That is what American Life League tries to do every day. We strive to defend our Lord and His Church; to defend innocent life at every stage of development; and to defend the sick, the dying, the infirm, and the elderly from the threats of euthanasia.

Stand with us. Support us. Share this message and let us pray for one another, for our heroic parish priests, and for the Lord’s mercy for this great but lost nation.

The hour is late, but it is never too late.

image: YonL via Deviant Art | CC-3.0