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REVIEW: Unexpected Choice—An Abortion Doctor’s Journey to Pro-Life

By Dwain Currier

Every abortionist needs spiritual intervention. Without it, we cannot expect the physicians who make a living from killing to lay down their weapons permanently. Just ask Dr. Patti Giebink. In her conversion story, the former abortionist introduces us to those intercessors who undoubtedly helped her exit the abortion industry. 

Most OB/GYNs do not choose abortion violence to be the focus of their practice. Some accept the work through a false sense of “protecting women’s health.” That is how Dr. Giebink was introduced to it. Weekends with feminist lobby groups mixed with grooming by other abortionists eager to expand or retire from their business led her to making it her profession. 

In her book Unexpected Choice, Giebink not only tells her story but relates some of the gruesome details of patients she has seen over the years.

Giebink began a private practice after completing her residency at Indiana University Medical Center. Notoriety came when Planned Parenthood—the only abortion business in town—recruited her. That is when the Holy Spirit began to put in place His recruits who would stir Giebink’s heart and guide her into abandoning the culture of death. 

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