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REVIEW: Couples, Awaken Your Love

By Emma Atkinson

Now more than ever it is vital that we understand how the trials of this world are glimpses into the life, death, and resurrection of Christ—a cycle that is ongoing, ever unfolding, and that reveals with greater and greater vividness the wounds born by broken humanity. Where is this more apparent than in fledgling marriages, which like young birds having left the nest of the Church too soon, struggle upon the earth, unable to soar to the heights of heaven?

It is to these little ones that Cardinal Sarah addresses his book Couples, Awaken Your Love!, calling out to them with the solicitousness of a father, encouraging them to take heart and to strengthen their little wings so that, in time, they might fly. This is a book for couples who desire deeper intimacy with one another and who wish to reconsecrate their marriage in light of the Church and its sanctifying work.

The book itself is divided into short chapters that serve as exhortations to couples, reminding them of the sacred, Christo-centric nature of Catholic marriages and calling to mind the very real dangers that families across the world are facing on a daily basis. It is nothing short of edifying. To hear a father speak so insightfully on the plight of his little children is a great comfort. After all, that is one of the deepest longings of the human heart: to be heard and understood in all our weakness and vulnerability.

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