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Moral Dysphoria

By Judie Brown

Dysphoria is a state of unhappiness, uneasiness, or dissatisfaction. The current state of the nation suggests that in matters of morality, the citizens of the United States are suffering from a debilitating state of moral dysphoria.

Americans are now living with a president—allegedly Catholic—who is working to make contraception more widely available and abortion permissible for any reason. In other words, he is a Catholic-in-name-only who supports all manner of sexual sin as defined by the Church in which he claims membership.

But Biden’s moral dysphoria is also suffered by countless numbers of people who seem to be confused about the first-grade lesson that there is a difference between good and bad—the bad being sin, an offense against God.

If we put that truth in the context of a recent headline, you can see where this is going.

According to a recent report, Republicans in Congress, hoping to win reelection, are scrambling to “limit electoral backlash against abortion bans.” One commentator even noted that politicians who stand against abortion will lose votes. So this statement begs the question, Why is killing people consistently defined as a political hot potato? Oh, that’s right. Abortion is about a human right not about a human being destined to die because of that alleged “right”!

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