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Father Mike Schmitz: Faithful Guidance for Today’s Youth

By Susan Ciancio

“Abortion . . . has broken our hearts.” When I heard Fr. Mike Schmitz speak those words at the 2022 March for Life, my heart felt the pain in his voice. Like those of us within the pro-life movement, he understands the tragedy that comes with the loss of every preborn baby. It’s a truth we must all take responsibility for teaching. 

Most people know Fr. Mike Schmitz from his Ascension videos about the faith or from his widely popular Bible in a Year and Catechism in a Year podcasts. But the speech he gave at the March for Life showed us another side of Fr. Mike, who also serves as the chaplain for the Newman Center at the University of Minnesota Duluth and as the director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of Duluth. In those roles, he offers spiritual direction and formation in the faith to young people—something that is crucial in today’s society and something that is at the heart of American Life League’s mission.

At ALL, we understand the importance of building a foundation of faith so that youth can continue to build upon it as they grow. We have seen the heartbreak that results from a disregard for human life, and we feel the heartbreak that comes when children walk away from their faith. 

As kids grow and move from their parents’ houses to a dorm or to their own home, they become more susceptible to the culture of death. Their circle of friends widens, the temptations grow, and it becomes more difficult for them to live an authentically faithful life. That is why they need solid pro-life people to emulate, strong examples of people living their faith, and supportive groups that help solidify these values. 

We know that parents are worried, and we know today’s culture is both complicated and confusing for young people, so we wanted to chat with Fr. Mike to seek his advice for not only strengthening the faith of today’s youth but for helping them understand and promote the dignity of every person. 

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