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An American Hypocrisy Story 

By Zach Carter

You’ve likely seen the image of a pregnant Ukrainian woman carried out on a stretcher from a bombed-out maternity hospital. Badly wounded, she cried out “Kill me now!” as she realized she was losing her preborn baby. Later, after desperate resuscitation attempts of the woman and after a cesarean section of the baby, both the woman and her baby died.

This is an embodied illustration of the evil and barbaric reality of tyrannical selfishness at its peak depravity in humanity: the taking of innocent life.

Like you, I’m distressed and heartbroken for the Ukrainians. I grieve each new wicked attack—children dying in front of parents, whole families shelled to death as they flee, and children and wives in agony as they wave goodbye to daddies and husbands staying behind to fight.

The attack on a maternity hospital and the death of the Ukrainian woman and her preborn baby received widespread media attention. What was the common denominator? All outlets condemned the attack, using language such as atrocity, murder, and war crimes. Surprisingly, many even referred to the preborn baby as, yes, a baby.

Yes, this story connects with the pro-life efforts here in America—and globally. Exposing unprovoked death where unprovoked death thrives reveals the value of human beings. 

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