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Pro-Life Family Movie Night – Quarantine Edition

By Susan Ciancio

There’s nothing more comforting or cozy than gathering your family, putting on PJs, making a snack, and snuggling under some blankets for a family movie.

We know you want to make the most of this time of quarantine and uncertainty. We all feel blessed to have extra time with our families, but sometimes we find that we might be running out of things to do. You want your activities to not only be memorable, but you want to reinforce the values you teach all year long.

How about a pro-life movie night?

There are lots of great movies out there, but there are also lots of inappropriate movies—or movies that might seem okay at first, but that have some parts that make you want to cover your children’s eyes and ears.

So how can you know which ones would be great to watch as a family? We want to help! That’s why we have compiled a list of some awesome movies you and your family can watch together. Plus, we like these movies so much that we have created free study guides to go along with them. So, after you and your family watch these movies, you can take a few minutes to chat about the pro-life themes.

That idea may make some kids groan or roll their eyes, as they think you’re just adding one more “lesson” or piece of schoolwork to their lives, but rest assured, we have designed these guides as a way to open dialog with your children and to help them think, not preach or lecture to them.

Our guides all have three sections. The first is a brief overview. That is followed by a Life Theme. This section helps kids (and you!) delve into and dissect the pro-life aspects of the movie. We end with some discussion questions.

We make talking with your kids about the movie really easy! You simply read the guide before watching the movie, so you know the basic premise and whether it’s suitable for the ages of the children in your house (we include all that info at the top). After the movie, you can either read the Life Theme to your children or summarize it as you chat about their favorite parts. This Life Theme will help them apply some of the lessons from the movie to their own lives. We then have several discussion questions that will guide you as you talk about the different parts of the movie, including why a character behaved a certain way, how your children felt when a specific event happened, what they think about different parts, and more! And remember, we never ask questions without providing the answers, so no worries there!

We have discussion guides for nearly 30 movies, so there’s definitely something for everyone. We cover all age ranges and provide reasons for the movie’s rating at the top of the guide, so you know if there might be something a bit too mature for younger children. 

Below are 10 great movies that we highly recommend. So download the movie guide, pop some popcorn, grab the remote, and settle in. We know you’ll have a great night!

1) A Man for All Seasons: The story of St. Thomas More and what happened when he stood up to King Henry VIII to defend marriage.

2) August Rush: The story of a musically gifted little boy who runs away from an orphanage to find his parents.

3) Horton Hears a Who!: The story of Horton the Elephant, who teaches everyone that a “person’s a person, no matter how small.”

4) The Blind Side: The real-life story of professional football player Michael Oher, the struggles he faced in his home life, and the family who opened their hearts to him.

5) The Odd Life of Timothy Green: The beautiful story of a husband and wife who adopt a child who brings light and love into their lives.

6) The King’s Speech: The true events surrounding the ascension to the throne of King George VI and the struggles he faced because of a speech impediment.

7) To Kill a Mockingbird: The story of a young girl growing up in a small southern town in the 1930s who encounters both racism and friendship.

8) Unexpected: The story of a teacher and a young student who both find themselves pregnant outside of marriage and the joy they find as they endeavor to become great moms.

9) Where Hope Grows: The inspirational story of a washed-up baseball player who befriends a young man with Down syndrome who changes his life.

10) Up: The story of a lonely elderly man and a young boy who forge a unique friendship.

It’s crucial that we talk to our children, no matter their ages, about the sanctity of life, the fact that all people have dignity and value, and the importance of caring for others. These movies will help begin those discussions. We hope you enjoy them and can make great memories with your family as you watch.

What are your favorite movies with pro-life themes?