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WSR: 2022-06-15

  • Demonic Antics Mean We Must Pray More, Work Harder

By Rita Diller

If you have any doubt that abortion is surrounded by the demonic, consider this story attributed to Msgr. Stephen J. Rossetti. He is a priest of the Diocese of Syracuse and a research associate professor at the Catholic University of America. He has been the chief exorcist for the Diocese of Washington for over 13 years.

His recent report recounts an urgent early morning call to a priest-exorcist. It was from the sisters at a local convent very close to a particular state capitol and not far from an abortion facility. 

The sisters had awakened to find that their tabernacle had been attacked. It had been bolted to a table. The base of the tabernacle was split in half and the tabernacle was upside down on the floor. Thankfully, the Eucharist was safe. It was still in its monstrance standing upright beside the tabernacle. 

The convent had remained securely locked. No one had heard a thing. As you would expect, the sisters were “spooked,” according to the report.

At the state capitol recently, pro-life advocates had been praying in light of the expected Supreme Court ruling that points to the end of Roe’s supposed constitutional right to abortion.

The exorcist surmised that there is every indication that the sisters’ tabernacle had been attacked by demons who wanted to frighten them from praying against abortion and participating in pro-life activities. 

The exorcist cleansed their house and chapel with exorcism prayers and is quoted as having said to the sisters, “These are just demonic antics. Don’t let them frighten you. That is Satan’s goal: to frighten you into backing off. Rather, it suggests that whatever you are doing is spiritually important and you ought to do more of it! Satan’s harassment is a confirmation of you and the importance of your life.”

Everyone seriously involved on the front lines in stopping Planned Parenthood has had those moments and incidents we could point to that were obviously brought on by demonic activity, and they often involve attacks against and within our families. 

We can’t let Satan frighten us off. God is so much stronger than all the evil Satan can hurl at us. We are already promised the victory. The gates of hell will not prevail against the Church. God is with us every step of the way. It is time to step up our all our spiritual activities as we put into action our plans for stopping abortion in a post-Roe society. Because when Roe ends, our work is just beginning. Stand strong in the faith! The victory is ours!