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WSR: 2022-04-13

  • 115 Mutilated Bodies Recovered by Pro-Lifers in DC
  • Planned Parenthood’s Lies
  • Fighting Planned Parenthood around the Country

Two weeks ago in Washington, DC, the bodies of 115 aborted children were recovered by pro-lifers outside of the Washington Surgi abortion facility.

The pro-lifers obtained these children from a medical waste worker who was taking boxes of “medical waste” to an incineration facility. Upon letting the medical waste worker know what might be in those boxes, the worker handed them over to the pro-lifers, who promised to give any children inside a proper burial. 

What they found was devastating: the dismembered and intact bodies of 115 preborn children

The pro-lifers were able to arrange a Catholic burial and naming ceremony for 110 of the babies, whose ages ranged around the first trimester. An exclusive LifeSiteNews video recently revealed that Fr. Bill Kuchinski of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston, WV—and who is also an ALL board member—was the priest who said the burial Mass. 

Pro-lifers attempted to arrange for the DC medical examiner to perform autopsies on the remaining five babies. They suspected that these five children were victims of partial-birth abortions or possibly even born alive. What happened instead was that the DC police seized the five bodies, and as of now, their whereabouts are unknown.  

Terrisa Bukovinac and Lauren Handy—the pro-lifers who recovered the babies—belong to the group Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU). The group held a press conference on Tuesday, April 5,to address the details surrounding the discovery of the babies and how the police obtained the unburied five. During the press conference, footage of the bodies is shown. While the images are graphic, it pulls back the veil on the sheer evil of abortion. 

Following the press conference, GOP lawmakers sent a letter to Washington, DC. mayor Muriel Bowser and the Department of Justice demanding an investigation into the deaths of the five unburied babies. 

While abortion is legal in DC for all nine months of pregnancy, the injuries on the bodies of these five children suggest they may have been victims of partial-birth abortions or perhaps born alive and left to die. 

In the letter to Mayor Bowser, the lawmakers stated, “While other horrific methods of abortion unfortunately remain legal for the time being, killing a child through a partial-birth abortion is a crime under federal law.”

The letter cites the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 and the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act as reasons to conduct a federal investigation. 

These deaths occurred at the Washington Surgi abortion facility in downtown DC at the hands of notorious abortionist Cesare Santangelo. Santangelo is on record stating that if a baby were to be born alive, he would do nothing to save his or her life. Santangelo is being compared to notorious abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who is currently serving a life sentence in prison for infanticide. 

Pro-life groups are demanding an investigation into these deaths and the barbaric and gruesome nature of Santangelo’s “practice.” 

While the discovery of these babies is indeed horrific, it sheds light on the cover up of abortion and exposes abortion for what it is—cold-blooded murder.

Planned Parenthood’s effort to falsely claim that a new Florida parental rights law specifically states “Don’t say gay” has been exposed. Talk show host Liz Wheeler laid out the link between “the billion-dollar abortion chain’s growing work in transgender hormone therapy and its sex education programs to the misleading attacks against the Florida law.” 

In her comments, Wheeler said: “This phrase don’t say gay was not coined by CNN, and it was not something that someone happened to say to someone else, and it organically caught fire on Twitter and soon the rest of us were saying it as well. No, no. This was a deliberate effort from an organization who really, really needs this bill not to become law in order to protect their own profit.”

Wheeler’s report on Planned Parenthood’s deceptive antics is nothing new for the organization that claims on its own website to be the leader in sex education, telling visitors to its site that, according to its polls, “93 percent of parents supported having sex education taught in middle school, and 96 percent of parents supported having sex education taught in high school. The vast majority of parents support sex education in middle school and high school that covers a wide range of topics, including STIs, puberty, healthy relationships, birth control, and sexual orientation. Other national, state and local polls on sex education have shown similarly high levels of support.”

While this is a tragic statement on the failures of parents to stand up and fight against Planned Parenthood and its ilk, it is also an indication of the manner in which Planned Parenthood has buried its clutches deep into the governmental agencies that control education in the schools as well. Jim Sedlak exposed this years ago, writing in reference to the school board’s consideration of sex education programs in Helena, Montana:  

In his 1985 treatise, “A Psychoanalytic Look at Today’s Sex Education,” Melvin Anchell, M.D., A.S.P.P. points out that “there are many cultural and personal achievements attained through the redirection of sexual energies during latency, but the most important achievement of all is the development of the capacity for compassion. It is this ability to feel compassion that truly separates man from all other creatures.”

Sedlak continues: 

Kids who are inundated with human sexuality courses will find their overall academic performance suffering, while they grapple with self-control and compassion issues.

As the Helena school board considers the problems posed by classroom sex education, we ask them to note that school classrooms group children by the same chronological age, but they will each be at varying stages of mental maturity. It is impossible to design a classroom sex education course that is appropriate for all of the children in the class.

Twenty-five years ago Dr. Anchell, warned of what will happen as classroom sex education programs proliferate. Look around at today’s society. We are seeing the results of years of unbridled sex education in the schools.

The sexual assault on the minds of our children continues to unfold, and STOPP will persist in exposing it. We look to the legacy of Jim Sedlak to give us the inspiration to move on and to help parents see that the destruction of the minds and souls of their children needs to be confronted and beaten down at every turn.

In Florida, parents are confronting this now as they learn about Planned Parenthood’s deceit parading as education. May every state produce the same warriors in the media and among parents.

California:In California, Planned Parenthood has unveiled a package of bills that it wants lawmakers to consider. One of those bills is AB 2223. The bill “is intended to ensure that no Californian will be investigated, prosecuted or incarcerated for ending a pregnancy or experiencing a pregnancy loss.” Because the language of this proposal is vague, there are many who argue that the law would even protect a mother against the death of a baby who could have been born alive. The abortion industry is rejecting the argument, but as the debate rages, pro-life leaders are focused on exposing the hypocrisy of Planned Parenthood for proposing language that could be interpreted to permit the death of a newborn. 

Mega-Center in Florida:The Sarasota Health Center is one of the largest abortion facilities in the United States. It has become the focus of the prayer warriors of American Life League’s Marian Blue Wave. The facility is over 10,000 square feet in size, and within its walls hundreds of abortions can be committed in a single day. This is why Americans are praying the Rosary and asking the Blessed Mother to shut down not only this facility but every Planned Parenthood in America.

Oklahoma:The state legislaturehas approved a bill that would make it a felony for an abortionist to perform the surgery. The crime would earn the guilty party up to 10 years in prison, but Planned Parenthood is crying foul. Claiming that curbing abortion is an infringement on the freedom of women, Planned Parenthood spokeswoman Emily Wales says: “These restrictions are not about improving the safety of the work that we do. They are about shaming and stigmatizing people who need and deserve abortion access.” 

It is Wales who should be ashamed, not the Americans who are working to save babies and protect mothers from the clutches of the Wales of this nation.

Missouri:The Missouri legislature has voted to defund Planned Parenthood. Of course, the abortion giant has filed a lawsuit to stop the defunding process, but one thing is clear: Planned Parenthood is losing face all over the place. And in Missouri its track record is dismal. One news report explains the reason why. A 2021 poll from Saint Louis University/YouGov found that 56 percent of Missourians support legislation to ban abortions after eight weeks, including 57 percent of women. In contrast, 33 percent said they oppose such legislation and 11 percent said they are not sure.

Missouri lawmakers are also busy passing pro-life budget measures that will provide funding to pro-life groups. The proposed law spells it out: “Program established, services provided—matching moneys to be sought—moneys not to be used for abortions or abortion services. — 1. There is hereby established the ‘Missouri Alternatives to Abortion Services Program’ which shall be administered by a state agency or agencies, as designated by appropriations to such or each agency. The alternatives to abortion services program shall consist of services or counseling to pregnant women and continuing for one year after birth to assist women in carrying their unborn children to term instead of having abortions, and to assist women in caring for their dependent children or placing their children for adoption.”

Maryland:Pro-life activists report that the Curtis Bay Energy receives and transports containers containing the bodies of aborted babies, including those coming from a Planned Parenthood facility in Baltimore. The transport company’s website says that it works to “safely convert infectious/biomedical waste and non-hazardous pharmaceuticals into useful energy.” In other words, the babies aborted at Planned Parenthood are converted into electricity to service households and businesses in the Baltimore area.

Washington:Title X funding for the state of Washington’s Planned Parenthood facilities was celebrated by United States senator Patti Murray. Murray joined with the leaders of the state’s Planned Parenthood offices and said in her speech, “We’re talking about basic, life-saving health care, like cancer screenings. Or the birth control that so many patients depend on. . . . So to me, it’s just unthinkable that you wouldn’t support this program—but that’s exactly where extreme Republicans are right now.”

Murray’s false words failed to point out that the birth control being funded by our tax dollars does abort babies, not to mention the tragic side effects that the chemicals cause. But that is all part of Planned Parenthood’s deadly menu, and it is sad indeed that our tax dollars are going to support such practices.