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The website FactCheck has given a high rating to Planned Parenthood based on its “credibility” while categorizing pro-life Live Action as not so credible. In a report, NewsGuard downgraded the pro-life organization because of “unsubstantiated” claims.

The true facts are, however, the opposite. Planned Parenthood is vested in deception, while Live Action has consistently adhered to the facts which, clearly, are of no concern to the fact checkers who work for The Annenberg Public Policy Center.

Operation Rescue received a copy of the audio of a 911 call made after a botched abortion occurred at a Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois, a couple of months ago. According to reports, the abortionist told the dispatcher that the patient was undergoing a second-trimester abortion and was suffering a perforated uterus. While the abortionist was on the phone, he asked that no sirens be used by the ambulance!

Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman stated:

Every day, we see evidence cross our desks of botched abortions and other abuses at abortion facilities. . . . Abortion is not safe. Babies die. Women die. Women are maimed for life. Families grieve. And it is all avoidable. Abortion is an ugly business that that needs to be exposed for the evil it is and abolished altogether.

1) South Carolina lawmakers passed a law that would restrict most abortions, but at the moment that lawmakers stood up in defense of life, Planned Parenthood announced that it was filing a lawsuit to stop the bill. The South Carolina Fetal Heartbeat and Protection from Abortion Act was deemed by its enemies at Planned Parenthood to be “blatantly unconstitutional.” PP is relying on the flawed Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton 1973 Supreme Court decisions in its efforts to stop a law that would have protected babies prior to birth.

2) According to a recent press release, Planned Parenthood is inviting the communities of Black, Latina women, and nonbinary (gender-free) people to reset, reflect, and be seen through TONE—a new audio series of self-care playlists. Black, Latina, and nonbinary wellness experts are participating in the series to offer an encouraging and empathetic collection of “culturally relevant meditations, visualizations, affirmations, and words of self-care wisdom. TONE Volume One also features original music composed by Black, Latina, and nonbinary members.”

3) Throughout March, the Marian Blue Wave program of American Life League will focus on praying for the closure of Planned Parenthood’s mega-clinics in the cities of Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska. MBW director, Katie Brown, said, “We pray that through the intercession of the Blessed Mother, God will bring about the closing of these Planned Parenthood facilities, we pray for the preborn babies whose lives are ended at these facilities, and we pray for the protection of teenagers who are lured to these facilities and ushered into lives of sexual sin.” 

4) Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court is being celebrated by Planned Parenthood. In a news release PP said: “Beyond her record of remarkable achievement, it is clear that she has a deep commitment to public service and pursuing equal justice under the law, including safeguarding individual rights and liberties.” 

The words “equal justice” tell us all we need to know about Jackson’s full support on everything that Planned Parenthood represents, including abortion on demand. While nobody is shocked that President Biden nominated someone who agrees with his personal opinions, it is a sad day for America when such a blatant pro-abort can be taken seriously as a potential, if not probable, member of the Supreme Court.

5) Planned Parenthood is celebrating the Food and Drug Administration’s decision to make the abortion pill (Mifepristone [RU-486]) available for online prescribing. According to new rules under Biden, the abortion pill can either be mailed to patients or sent to the local pharmacy. 

Politico reports: “The FDA’s move is set to open a new front in the ongoingbattle over abortion rights, with activists and lawmakers on the right pushing national and state restrictions on the pills while their counterparts on the left work to get information out about where people can obtainthe drugs no matter where they live or what bans are enacted.”

But we prefer the outright end of all abortion pills, not to mention all abortion for any reason. Regulation might be good at the gas pump, but regulating killing should not be on the national agenda. 

6) In Georgia, the Senate acted on the abortion pill in a prudent way, passing a bill that “requires women seeking the abortion pill to first be examined by a physician in-person, and to sign a consent form. The bill also requires women to schedule a follow-up visit with a physician seven to 14 days after taking the pill, and it prohibits state-funded colleges and universities from providing the pills on campus.” But Planned Parenthood was quick to suggest that the bill will never become law.

7) After Texas passed an abortion regulation bill, Planned Parenthood told the media that women are flooding their facilities in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arkansas. Apparently for Planned Parenthood, at least, the law is a challenge and an opportunity for its killing business to continue. 

8) Alaska pro-abortion senator Lisa Murkowski says the Women’s Health Protection Act goes too far, but Planned Parenthood disagrees, vowing to fight on to preserve the right to abortion without compromise. Planned Parenthood Action Fund president Alexis McGill Johnson says: “People deserve access to abortion no matter their zip code or income.” She decried the WHPA vote saying she and her collaborators will never stop fighting to preserve “access to safe, legal abortion — no matter what.” 

9) STOPP has learned that the state of California is trying to suppress a district attorney’s testimony. It seems that his investigation into the sale of aborted baby body parts would help in the defense of David Daleiden, the man who exposed Planned Parenthood’s grisly business. Daleiden’s attorneys are clear, saying: “The state of California is criminalizing investigative journalism, and attempting to suppress evidence that would exculpate Mr. Daleiden from these groundless charges.”