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America’s Fear of Children

Here is how one enemy of the family defines fecundophobia. During the 2012 election cycle, Washington Post writer Lisa Miller wrote about politicians displaying pictures of their families showcasing their wives and children.

The Family, the Devil, and You

American Life League understands the importance of the family in society and the toxicity surrounding it today. To this end, we have begun a new campaign called Defend the Family. Today’s commentary talks more about this and explains how you can take part.

Where Have All the Children Gone, Chicago?

The windy city is known as a city where gun violence is an epidemic. Gun deaths in 2012 were 16 percent higher than the previous year—and the numbers continue to grow. Chicago’s overall crime rate reflects classifications for over 30 types of crime.

Media-Perpetuated Hostility

Nearly 40 years ago, in the chill of winter, the United States Supreme Court decided that abortion was legal in America for any reason at any point in pregnancy because women, in consultation with their doctors, should have the right to abort their own children.