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Pro-Life This Week – December 6, 2019

Week in Review – Lawsuits, Lawsuits, Lawsuits . . . 

CMP strikes back! A couple of weeks ago, a jury in a civil case brought by Planned Parenthood against the Center for Medical Progress returned a guilty verdict and assessed damages of about $800,000 against the defendants. Since the defendants were also convicted on a RICO charge, the damages were tripled and now stand at approximately $2.3 million. This verdict, in a trial run by a biased judge who once helped fund and open a Planned Parenthood facility, will be appealed. In addition to the appeal, several current or former Planned Parenthood employees who had made public statements about the “fake” videos admitted under oath that the videos were true and factual. As a result, CMP is now suing these individuals and Planned Parenthood on defamation charges.

On another legal front, Alliance Defending Freedom has filed a lawsuit against the horrible New York state SB 660 law that requires religious and pro-life organizations to hire pro-abortion individuals. ADF is representing COMPASSCARE, a New York nonprofit corporation; NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF FAMILY AND LIFE ADVOCATES d/b/a NIFLA, a Virginia corporation; and FIRST BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH, a New York non-profit. Among the concerns enumerated in the lawsuit are: 

  • SB 660 is a transparent attempt to meddle in the affairs of religious and pro-life organizations—including but not limited to pregnancy care centers, churches, and schools—by forcing them to employ and associate with those persons who do not share or live by the organizations’ beliefs regarding abortion, contraception, and the impropriety of sexual relations outside the context of a marriage between a man and a woman. 
  • SB 660 compounds this unwarranted interference by prohibiting these organizations from requiring their employees to comply with their missions and beliefs on these contested subjects by having them assent to and/or sign off on the contents of, among other things, employment contracts, employee handbooks, statements of faith, positional statements, and codes of conduct. 
  • SB 660 yet furthers the affront to the autonomy of these religious and pro-life organizations by requiring them to include notice of the “rights” provided by this unconstitutional law in their employee handbooks, thereby compelling them to speak the government’s message. 
  • Taken together, these requirements compromise the very reason for being of these organizations, which is to promote life, oppose abortion, and teach and live a sexual ethic consistent with biblical principles.

Across the nation, back in California, another ADF lawsuit is in the courts. In this case, secret decisions by bureaucrats—without any involvement of elected officials—changed the meaning of an existing law and “since August 2014, California churches and religious organizations have been forced to cover elective abortions, because every (health) plan that didn’t have that coverage before was made illegal by the state.”

On November 21, emergency responders were called to Planned Parenthood’s Reproductive Health Services in St. Louis (MO) and were seen rushing a woman into an ambulance. This is reportedly the 75th time a woman was hospitalized from the abortion facility. Then, on December 4, a judge, once again, issued an order preventing the state from closing down this facility, which has been operating without a license all year.

ALL in the News – ALL Makes Headlines; Pro-Life Radio    

This week, Judie Brown was quoted in an article by law students at Strathmore University. The article presents evidence that birth control pills can indeed cause abortions. 

Also this week, David Bereit credits Jim Sedlak for teaching him to pray in front of abortion mills in a LifeSiteNews article. Bereit, cofounder of 40 Days for Life, explains how Sedlak was the first person to stress the importance of a physical and prayerful presence outside of Planned Parenthood facilities. 

Judie’s weekly commentaries continue to be featured as a column on Renew America. This week, her Tuesday commentary, The long march to imposed death, appeared on the site’s front page.

Jim Sedlak’s Pro-Life Activism from Creation to Death is a weekly talk-radio program on the Radio Maria USA network.  The show can be heard live every Friday at noon (Eastern Time) and is repeated on Saturdays (10 PM). 

Video of the Week – What was our most popular video released in 2019? The answer surprised us.

It turns out our most popular video of 2019 is one we didn’t create. Not 100%, anyway.

In March of this year, a team of experts converged in Rome to present the ethical and biological dangers of using aborted human fetus cells in the manufacture of vaccines. Dr. Theresa Deisher of Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute explored the genetic dangers of introducing human fetal DNA fragments into the body. While viewers might find the material academic, we believed the content to be too urgent to ignore. 

The original videomaker gave American Life League permission to remove the interrupted Italian translation and we created an English-only version. Despite all of the lingo regarding immunology and genetics presented by Dr. Deisher, over 13,000 users have viewed it, including mixed-martial arts athlete, Nick CatoneCatone attributes the death of his 20-month-old son to a DTaP vaccine received 17 days prior. An autopsy failed to pinpoint the reason for his son’s death.

Action Item of the Week – Contact your US Senators NOW about S-2080!

Senate Bill S-2080, the Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act, which deals with Palliative Care and Education as part of America’s health care system is fatally flawed.

Ask your senators to vote NO on S-2080!

To find out who your senators are and how to contact him or her, go to

Background (the following information is provided by The Healthcare Advocacy and Leadership Organization (HALO):

The Palliative Care and Hospice Education and Training Act (PCHETA) —S 2080—would extend palliative care provided by hospice to non-dying patients, use our federal tax dollars to fund medical education for this purpose, and fund the “selling” of palliative care to the public. Hospice, a palliative care program, is plagued by Medicare fraud and poor quality care leading to serious harm and deaths.


This legislation has already passed the House of Representatives on a voice vote.  The last chance to defeat it in Congress is in the Senate. 

There are at least a dozen normally pro-life members of the Senate who have supported this bill. In addition to your own senators, please contact these senators and ask them to withdraw their support. Their contact information is provided here.

“Opposing PCHETA Talking Points” are available here. When emailing the senators or their staff, you may wish to use one or several of these talking points to argue against the bill.

We sincerely thank you in advance for taking action to defeat the PCHETA, which if passed will endanger the lives of many more vulnerable patients. — HALO

Pro-life Social Media – Pro-Life Twitter Hits Pelosi with the Truth about Hate

Washington’s abortion queen and self-proclaimed “devout Catholic,” Nancy Pelosi, broadcast her faith to the public again. Pelosi was exiting her impeachment press conference when a reporter dared to ask, “Do you hate President Trump?” Pelosi exploded:

We are created in the likeness and image of God. We are not born in His image. That’s a dogmatic detail Pelosi chooses to ignore. If you lack love for the preborn, then where love is absent, there is only hate.  

Good question. What good has Speaker Pelosi done for devout Catholics?