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Pro-Life This Week – May 1, 2020

Week in Review – Fighting the death industry requires constant vigilance

It has been confirmed in news stories this week that Planned Parenthood has not received any funds from the Payroll Protection Program. PPP is intended to fund small businesses that have less than 500 employees. Planned Parenthood and its 50+ affiliates across the country employ some 16,000 individuals, which makes it ineligible for any of the PPP funds.

American Life League is making its LOVING WILL available for free during this pandemic. Since last Friday, almost 200 people have downloaded the document. The LOVING WILL is a document that tells your doctor and other health-care personnel how to take care of you should you become so sick that you are unable to communicate your wishes. In short, it instructs health- care personnel to do nothing intentionally, by act or omission, to cause your death. You can still get your copy at NO CHARGE. You simply need to go here and order it for free. It will be sent to you by e-mail.

This week, the Healthcare Advocacy and Leadership Organization (HALO) added three new fliers to their website. Those fliers are: The Truth About Assisted SuicideThe Earth-Shattering Shift in Medical Ethics; and Who is Dr. Ira Byock? We encourage you to take a few minutes and read each of these short, informative fliers. 

The Joplin Globe carried a story this week that said “Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri is asking its supporters to make and donate cloth masks for patients when they visit Planned Parenthood health centers.” This Planned Parenthood affiliate refuses to stop its elective abortion business. Rather than save the lives of preborn babies, Planned Parenthood is asking the public to donate masks to be worn by the mothers as they have their children slaughtered.

Four Planned Parenthood affiliates in six states are participating in a study that is attempting to show that it is okay for mothers to decide to have an abortion and then get a prescription for the abortion pills without ever having to go to a Planned Parenthood facility. They would have a teleconference from their home and then have the abortion pills mailed to their home. This, of course, is in direct violation of the FDA approved procedure—which requires the woman to physically have an appointment at Planned Parenthood before getting her killing pills in person. The study, being run by Gynuity Health Projects, involves PP Rocky Mountains (Colorado/New Mexico); PP North Central States (Minnesota); PP Montana (Montana); and PP Columbia Willamette (Oregon/Washington). This is all part of the scheme by the abortion industry—led by Planned Parenthood—to move abortions from physical centers to homes on your block.

ALL in the News – Judie Brown’s Commentaries Spread Online; Pro-Life Radio Show Guest Discusses Activism During the Pandemic 

Judie Brown’s weekly commentaries and press statements continue to be featured as a column on Renew America. This week’s Tuesday commentary, Using a cudgel to kill people, was featured on the site’s front page. 

Jim Sedlak’s Pro-Life Activism from Creation to Death is a weekly talk-radio program on the Radio Maria USA network. This week, Jim’s guest will be Willy Guardiola, head of Christian on a Mission in Florida. Jim and Willy will discuss different approaches to pro-life activism during the pandemic. The show can be heard live every Friday at noon (Eastern Time) and is repeated on Saturdays at 10 PM.

Video of the Week – Planned Parenthood is All-In on Abortion

In 2019, Planned Parenthood added surgical and medical abortions to 18 of its facilities, bringing its total number of abortion centers to 375.

Action Item of the Week –  Join the Marian Blue Wave    

It is the month of May! During this month the attention of much of the Catholic world turns towards Mary, the Mother of God. Today, May 1, the bishops of the United States and Canada are joining together  in renewing the consecrations of the two nations to the care of our Blessed Mother. 

Six months ago, American Life League launched “A call to Catholics across America to pray a weekly Rosary with the specific intentions of ending all clinical, chemical, medical and surgical abortion and shutting down every Planned Parenthood facility in the United States.” We call this effort the Marian Blue Wave. The response has been fantastic!

We’re happy to report that, in those six months, we now have people from all 50 states who have committed to saying a weekly Rosary. More surprising is that the effort has spread well beyond our borders and we have people on all six of the populated continents in the world who have also made the commitment. Almost 3,000 people have joined so far and there are new sign-ups every day.

Seven Catholic prelates have endorsed the activity and we are expecting more. Those seven are:

Bishop Joseph Strickland, Diocese of Tyler, Texas
Bishop Michael Sheridan, Diocese of Colorado Springs, Colorado
Bishop Joseph Brennan, Diocese of Fresno, California
Bishop Michael Burbidge, Diocese of Arlington, Virginia
Bishop Thomas Paprocki, Diocese of Springfield, Illinois
Bishop James Checchio, Diocese of Metuchen, New Jersey 
Cardinal Raymond Burke, Patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta 

Our Marian Blue Wave website has a unique feature—a map of the world with a blue image for the city or town where every one of those who have committed lives or works. Just go to the map, click to enlarge it, and see just how wide-spread this effort has become! As the map is enlarged to cover more of the earth, the individual images get crowded together. When you see a blue circle with a number in it, that’s how many individuals or groups are under the circle.

If you have not already joined the Marian Blue Wave, this is your invitation to do so. Just go to the Marian Blue Wave signup page and make your commitment TODAY!

After nearly 50 years of futile political action, it’s time we put our faith in something bigger. It is time we turned to God for assistance. It’s time to sweep our nation with the Marian Blue Wave.

Pro-life Social Media – “#Me Two-Faced”: A Sexual Abuse Allegation Underscores Feminist Organizations are Frauds

The radical feminist movement lives on one principle—abortion on demand without apology. And if a candidate for president will advance that cause, any accusation of sexual violence is irrelevant.  Case in point—how to treat sexual allegations against people of powerful political influence. When Justice Kavanaugh was accused, feminist groups slammed social media with #TrustWomen and #BelieveWomen hashtags:

Now it’s a presidential election year and these same feminist groups are put in the awkward position of having a candidate about whom accusations have been made that have more credibility than those made against Kavanaugh. Surely these groups still #BelieveWomen, right?

Why the slow response? Have these groups come to appreciate due process?

We don’t make the assumption that Biden is guilty. He’s worthy of due process just as much as Kavanaugh was. What we know for sure is that radical feminist groups will throw their hashtag campaigns aside for the sake of abortion-on-demand, no matter the candidate’s history.