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Response to Chicago Sun-Times column on ALL ad

Dear editor,

Unfortunately Carol Marin completely missed the boat in her attempts to malign American Life League's efforts in protecting preborn children from the brutal death of abortion. Last Thursday's ad concerning Sen. Dick Durbin was in no means a political attack against this individual. The ad simply re-stated that which has been clearly laid out for Catholics in Church teaching: you can't be Catholic and pro-abortion.

Contrary to Ms. Marin's opinion, American Life League is not presuming to "decide if Durbin is, in fact, 'Catholic' or entitled to receive communion." If Sen. Durbin, or any pro-abortion public figure, wants to profess Catholicism as their faith, they need to embrace all that the Church teaches. This makes eminent sense. Why claim fidelity to or membership in something with which you disagree?

Canon 915 of the Catholic Church's Code of Canon Law clearly states that individuals who, "obstinately persist in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to communion." Abortion is an unconscionable act against the most innocent of our society. It is a grave sin and those who publicly support it are not only endangering their own spiritual well-being, but that of individuals over whom they have influence.

There are far too many bishops who tolerate and accommodate the so-called "right" to abortion by backing away from their duty to defend the body of Christ and protect Him from sacrilege. This is why we run ads; this is why we write letters to the bishops; this is why we persist in our urgent request to every bishop that he enforce Canon Law 915.

In response to Ms. Marin's claim that she does not know anyone who is "pro-abortion" one can only respond that the person who does not oppose the killing of an innocent human person is in favor of it. The word "pro-choice" is a lie. A baby doesn't choose to die!

Regarding Sen. Durbin's remarks about pro-lifers alleged views on other matters such as the death penalty, the poor, and other social ills in our society, may I point out that if a person is denied his right to life before he is born, no other concern will ever matter.

The fact is abortion is an unjust act that cannot be compartmentalized as a "moral" or "religious" concern. It is a matter of cruelty versus civility. It is a matter of grave injustice versus genuine justice. In the case of abortion, the law is simply wrong and that is why organizations like ours work so hard to change it.

Judie Brown
President, American Life League

Release issued: 21 Jun 05