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Put a genuine pro-lifer on the U.S. Supreme Court

"It is an understatement to say that filling a vacancy on the United States Supreme Court will enable President Bush to make a long-lasting impact on this nation's judicial system," said American Life League president Judie Brown. "That is why it is crucial that any potential candidate be examined very carefully to see not only where that candidate personally stands on abortion, but how that person would treat abortion as a member of the country's highest court."

Names of a number of potential candidates are being floated in Washington, in anticipation of Chief Justice William Rehnquist's retirement. "During previous questioning, a number of these jurists have said that they're personally opposed to abortion, but that they would not rule against it as members of federal circuit or appeals courts," said Brown. "One would not want to see such compartmentalization of the evil of abortion in the mind of a Supreme Court justice."

Some potential judicial nominees have described Roe v. Wade as "settled law," or have stated that the case has stood the test of time. "That disturbs me greatly," said Brown, "and it should disturb all pro-lifers. Abortion is not 'settled law'; it is the unconscionable taking of an innocent human person's life. We're not talking about nuances and intricacies of law here. We're talking about flesh and blood – and murder. Any nominee, or potential nominee, who holds such a 'settled law' position is inherently unfit to serve. President Bush would be well advised to find a true pro-lifer when he is called upon to name a new justice. There's too much at stake here to settle for anything else."

Release issued: 20 Jun 05