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Planned Parenthood Is Not Helping End Sexual Assaults

Planned Parenthood has taken it too far, yet again.

PP recently revealed a new advertising campaign supposedly to aid in spreading awareness regarding sexual consent. It used the concept of French fries to push its agenda. You just can’t make this stuff up!


Apparently, in the eyes of Planned Parenthood, consent is not a “yes” or “no” question. This organization would rather add in a bunch of abstract elements than teach young people that consent is either 100 percent yes or it is not actually given. This should be a very simple concept, but Planned Parenthood would rather blur the lines and make something straightforward more confusing.

Note the presence of the word “reversible” in this graphic. Instead of teaching a young man to respect a woman’s decision, PP is teaching men that a woman could change her mind. She might say no at first, but maybe if he keeps pushing her, she might reverse that unwanted decision. Is this really the message we want to send young men and women?

Sexual assaults on the rise

To illustrate this mentality, we find that the National Sexual Violence Resource Center reports that 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men are sexually assaulted while in college!

That means that 20 percent of college women are victims of sexual assault—that they, in fact, had not given consent.

Instead of teaching respect, abstinence, or any form of morality, PP pushes birth control, condoms, and stupid campaigns like the one mentioned above—all of which feed into the hookup culture that is abusing men and women.

The hookup mentality

Planned Parenthood continually pushes this hookup mentality on young people like myself. We are constantly told that we should enjoy risk-free sex and use contraceptives to prevent the life of, and kill, a unique human being. Young women are told that their worth comes from how they can use their bodies for pleasure. They are told they need to have sex with guys in order to find worth, respect, and love. And they are told that their child is not killed during abortion—that abortion simply “ends a pregnancy.” Enough is enough! We must stop Planned Parenthood from controlling and manipulating our young people!

What we can do

We can and must end the deception. Life Defenders offers educational resources for young people. We host events promoting a culture of life; we lovingly partake in activism, such as sidewalk counseling outside of Planned Parenthoods; and we will reach out to anyone via e-mail. We must teach our fellow brothers and sisters to respect their bodies, and we must instill value and worth to the next generation of leaders. Please join us as we put an end to PP’s deception by spreading the culture of life!