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Mark the Date: September 10, 2015

American Life League is part of the Women Betrayed Coalition and we are calling everyone to be part of a major event in Washington, DC.

Planned Parenthood’s back is up against the wall. It’s been struggling to explain how it isn’t profiting off of selling the body parts of the babies it aborts every day. But thanks to the undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress that have been released over the past several weeks, we know otherwise.

Planned Parenthood has had to deal with the hundreds of protests and rallies in front of its clinics. It has had to defend itself on national television. Thanks to the thousands of Americans who have stood up against Planned Parenthood and in defense of women betrayed by them and their preborn babies, Planned Parenthood is rightly on its heels.

But now isn’t the time to let up!

Planned Parenthood just sent a letter to Congress admitting it gets $60 for each body part and somehow argues this just covers costs. Balderdash! It also admitted to other illegal activity but claims it has the right to do that.

Congress heads back to Washington, D.C. in September and will need to vote on the budget by the end of the month—a budget that gives over half a billion dollars to Planned Parenthood. Congress needs to hear from us!

Make your voices heard! On Thursday, September 10, the #WomenBetrayed coalition is organizing the #WomenBetrayed: The Real Stories Rally & Lobby Day in Washington, D.C. to put pressure on Congress to pass a budget that does NOT fund Planned Parenthood. It hopes that Congress will then put this on President Obama’s desk for him to sign and defund the abortion giant once and for all. If not, he will show the country that he defends Planned Parenthood and its practice of harvesting and selling the body parts of aborted babies.

Our #WomenBetrayed: The Real Stories Capitol Hill Rally will feature women who have been betrayed by Planned Parenthood. They will travel to Washington, D.C. to share their stories with our leaders in Congress. Planned Parenthood’s entire business model is built on selling out women and their preborn babies for profit. It’s time for Congress to defund Planned Parenthood. Women don’t need this twisted organization.

Please join us by making the trek to Washington on Thursday, September 10. Join us as we make sure our voices are heard LOUD & CLEAR.

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