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Trust the Lord and stay in the struggle

It occurs to me that even some pharmacists in the good old US of A are getting victimized by the escalating pressure to join the culture of death or get off the road. Recently one such pharmacist wrote me a letter, and it astounded me to think that he was so concerned about his conscience being violated that he was contemplating departing the profession. Of course I urged him to remain, to fight it out, and to make it clear that he could never fill a prescription for the birth control pill. He knows that these pills are deadly chemicals that not only could abort a baby but could harm a female for the rest of her life.

But as he pointed out to me, he can see a time when presriptions will be written for drugs to end life at the other end! Then what, he cried? "Trust the Lord, Joe, and stay in the struggle."

It is just so sad that pro-abortion zealots and the media are dedicated to forcing their views of "freedom" on the rest of us. That kind of "freedom" literally enslaves the indivual to sin. What can we do about this? Well, for one thing, we can take our pharmacist to lunch, and express our support for him if he has chosen to live the pro-life message. And if that sounds bit far out, then pray for him. He needs it.