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The Weird, Weird World of Choice

By Judie Brown

It is always good to revisit the use of any word, especially when it is consistently used out of context. For our purposes today, the word is choice. Webster says the word means selection or option, such as selecting a specific loaf of bread or opting for a particular greeting card. But when death peddlers use that word, they are nonchalantly suggesting that the act of killing is no different than choosing to cross the street.

One of the most recent examples of this skewed perspective is contained in the comment of presidential wannabe Robert F. Kennedy Jr. A recent report conveyed his position, “Kennedy [is] arguing that more should be done to examine why abortions happen. He said that women cite economic reasons when seeking an abortion, so he developed a ‘More Choices, More life’ policy that would support parents with affordability.”

This campaign slogan might create a false impression that Kennedy cares about the preborn, but in fact what it reveals is that his campaign slogan favors relegating the killing of these babies to a simple choice among many decisions an expectant mother confronts on her way to either the abortion mill or the delivery room. Yet today the average person would not be put off by his position but might actually applaud him for advocating all the choices an expectant mother might make.

If you are reading this, your mom made the right choice, but there are thousands of moms who did not. So when an NFL star like Harrison Butker publicly proclaims his respect for life, we hope that perhaps at least some of those moms considering aborting their babies may have heard him say in reference to the Biden presidency, “The bad policies and poor leadership have negatively impacted major life issues. Things like abortion, IVF, surrogacy, euthanasia, as well as a growing support for the degenerate cultural values and media all stem from pervasiveness of disorder.”

It is rare indeed to hear such a well-known American enunciate the real problem as clearly as Butker. The very use of the phrase “pervasiveness of disorder” tells us about the weird world of choice in which we are called to shine the light of truth.

In our midst the commitment to all manner of sexual deviance filters through the sieve created by the doctrine of choice. Theirs is the lexicon framed in a way that detests truth. For their purposes, choice is a simple word defining their principle that choosing to do wrong is as welcome and safe as choosing to do good. But the welts of horror and disgrace that are left in the wake of this false doctrine kill the body and the soul.

This is so because under the guise of choice, sin is denied, refuted, and rejected, all in the wink of an eye. When Pew Research can find, as recently as a few days ago, that the majority of those polled say that abortion should be legal in all or most cases, it is evident that just like the removal of an impacted tooth, the killing of a preborn baby is viewed as acceptable.

For them it is just a choice, after all, and how bad can that be? Well, as we know, it is worse than bad, it is murder!

So as the weirdness of choice and its language of death continue to increase, let us hope that as advocates for the humanity of the young victim of abortion, we continue to focus attention on facts. We know, and Americans need to see, that every abortion results in a dead member of the human family.

Choices that are deadly are despicable, but only if those who make them understand that what they are about to choose will result in the death of a person.