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Target off target

Target stores has a policy that permits pharmacists to refuse to fill requests for the morning after pill – the pill that can abort a child.

Planned Parenthood is claiming that the Target policy is "burdensome" for women, not to mention "inconvenient" and "embarrassing."

No, Planned Parenthood did not say that lives will be saved because perhaps the policy will convince the prospective pill user that she really does not want to take a chance and have her own baby die.

So, we say let Target know that you appreciate the respect they are showing to pharmacists who know the truth about these pills and simply cannot be responsible for providing them.

And while you are at it, tell them that you wonder whether or not they feel a bit hypocritical because while it is nice to understand the conscientious objection a pharmacist can have to providing a pill that can kill a preborn child, it is difficult to see how they could possibly put that same pharmacist in the position of asking a fellow pharmacist to commit the very wrong he refuses to commit.

You see, Target says that the pharmacist who refuses to provide the deadly pills "must pass it on to abother pharmacist at the same location. If none is available, the pharmacist must call abother target and make sure the drug is available to the customer."

We think Target actually missed the Target. Give them a toll-free call: 800-440-0680.