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Survival Without Morality

By Judie Brown

The birth control pill kills people, but most Americans continue to deny this fact. Why is that?

ALL supporter Jim says:

Women using the chemical contraceptive are under the belief that the pill “prevents” a pregnancy; they don’t realize it kills a pregnancy! The pill packages the danger of stroke, heart attacks, clots, etc! None acknowledge death! Like cigarettes, the pill package should indicate the death potential! Contraceptive pills are much more than “harmful to your health”!

But in a society saturated in denial, the truth rarely makes an appearance, whether on a newspaper page, an electronic communication, or elsewhere. The sad fact is that these occurrences are far more common than we would like to admit.

When it comes to the abortion pill, for example, we are told that mifepristone (RU-486) is currently being marketed as a “missed period pill.” Such promotion fails to let the potential user know that what she is about to ingest will kill her baby if she is already pregnant but not far enough along for the baby to be detected.

And this is not the only deception currently employed in our morality-free culture.

In the state of California, doctors are suing the state for “threatening to punish them for not facilitating assisted suicide.” In a topsy-turvy situation like this where healers are being told to help kill their patients, what could possibly go wrong?

California already has an assisted-suicide law that protects the practice, but a new amendment to that law “treats physicians participating in assisted suicide more favorably than those who refuse, as the former cannot be subject to ‘a complaint or report of unprofessional or dishonest conduct’ solely on the basis of their decision to help patients kill themselves.”

The Christian Medical Association is fighting this valiantly. According to court documents, “Despite the medical-ethics consensus that, even where the practice is allowed, no physician should be forced to participate in assisted suicide,” even where the practice is allowed. California recently legislated to eliminate safeguards from its End of Life Options Act. In doing so, physicians with a conscience are being put in an untenable position!

But again, compromising physicians and turning them into killers seems to be the way many secularists handle their thirst for blood versus the ethic of defending the innocent person.

One must presume that this fascination with killing has a grip on the state of Virginia’s lawmakers as well, especially Democrats. They recently voted to allow babies who are born alive after abortion to die without care! Heartless and without precedent? Well, according to recent trends, maybe this march toward death is becoming the latest fad among lawmakers, judges, and others in this nation—even our president.

During his State of the Union address, Mr. Biden told us:

Advancing liberty and justice also requires protecting the rights of women. 

The constitutional right affirmed in Roe v. Wade—standing precedent for half a century—is under attack as never before. 

If we want to go forward—not backward—we must protect access to health care. Preserve a woman’s right to choose.

To move forward with blood on our hands should not be a goal for anyone in our nation, especially not our president, and yet as we have seen, killing has become so commonplace that few barely blink an eye. While some call it a woman’s right, we must never stop calling it what it really is—decriminalized killing.

Lest we forget, humankind cannot survive in a morality-free environment.