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Supreme Silliness

A recent Live Action article states

“In the event that the Court decides to leave the decision of Roe intact, nothing would change, but it would be a wake-up call for pro-lifers. America would continue in its 50th year of legalized abortion on-demand and it would be the most conservative Supreme Court in recent history that would have allowed it.” 

In the context of these few words, we find the problem that has plagued the babies for more than 50 years: courts. The courts are not the creators of human beings, yet according to many they seem to have—as the old song says—the whole world in their hands. And that is a very dangerous position.

The court—including upcoming appointments—appears to be nothing more than politics as usual: a body of people who place a greater emphasis on appeasement than it does on justice.

Of course, this is not a new phenomenon, as we know. It was the Supreme Court in 1973 that ruled that aborting children should be a matter of a decision between a woman and her doctor. Thus, the babies became collateral damage. And millions of bodies later, even more so.

In the wake of such tragic consequences, we have learned that even some Republicans are willing to approve a Biden Supreme Court nomination regardless of the nominee’s posture on abortion. Of course, such people are not staunch advocates for the babies, but the fact that such a headline exists exposes once again the fallacy of pro-life strategists that depends on Supreme Court justices to save the babies by protecting their right to life under the Constitution. 

According to LifeNews

“Biden has previously indicated that he will only appoint to the Supreme Court nominees who fully support abortion and believe in the completely made up and fictional right to abortion that does not actually exist in the Constitution.” This tells us all we need to know.

History teaches us a simple lesson about this politicization of the dignity of the human being: It is fraught with inhumane decisions that condemn millions to death. Human personhood is rarely a consideration when the people in question are relegated to pawns in political chess games. This is why we continue to focus on the only truth that matters: Every human being is a blessing and an unrepeatable miracle.

A preborn child is not someone who should ever deserve a headline like this: “Abortion Opponents Hear a ‘Heartbeat.’ Most Experts Hear Something Else.”

You see, the media, not unlike the supreme silliness that emanates from some on the Supreme Court, denies truth. The scientific facts that a preborn child has a detectable heartbeat means nothing to proponents of killing children prior to birth any more than ultrasounds or other undeniable scientific truths. 

But none of that changes the humanity of every single preborn child, whether he is a single cell embryo or nearly ready to be born. Regardless of supreme silliness, human beings are not debate topics, then or now.