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Society’s Death Fetish Is Called ABORTION

I have followed the history of certain abortion practitioners over the years because it troubles me that the mainstream media consistently avoid the horror stories often resulting from their “clinical” activities. Lest we forget, these are people with medical degrees who make their living killing preborn persons and maiming their mothers.

Among those who should have been jailed long ago is a man by the name of Steven Brigham. Brigham has operated abortion facilities in Pennsylvania, FloridaNew JerseyNew York, California, Georgia and, most recently, Maryland. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer,  Brigham’s medical license “has been revoked, relinquished, or temporarily suspended in five states,” and that was before it was reported that he’s now in trouble in Maryland, where he has no license to practice.

Most of the reports detailing Brigham’s filthy clinics, his passion for retaining baby body parts in jars and the like have been removed from the Internet. While you might think this is because of the possibility of offending some folks, I think the intent is to bury the nauseating information that has plagued this man wherever he goes in his quest to end the lives of preborn children.

The most recent incident, which occurred in Maryland and left a young girl in critical condition, could turn out differently. Only time will tell. Brigham’s abortion business was located in Elkton, Maryland, which is close to the nation’s capital. It appears from the reports we’ve seen that Brigham practiced with another abortionist, Nicola Riley

These two abortionists’ practices have been shut down by the Maryland Board of Physicians. The Associated Press reported, “The state Board of Physicians ordered Dr. Steven Brigham to stop practicing medicine without a license in Maryland and suspended the license of Dr. Nicola Riley. Police raided one of Brigham’s offices in Elkton looking for medical records, and found dozens of late-term fetuses in a freezer at a clinic.” Also suspended is George Shepard Jr., “an obstetrician-gynecologist who helped run [Brigham’s] five Maryland clinics,” according to the Baltimore Sun.

Moreover, in the wake of the botched abortion in Maryland, New Jersey officials filed documents on September 8 to suspend Brigham’s license. His license was previously suspended for three years in New Jersey, “the only state where he is currently permitted to practice medicine.” 

Brigham’s medical offense, however, was that he perforated the uterus of an 18-year-old patient. Brigham owns “about 15” abortion mills, claims he only “supervises” abortions in Maryland and comes to the attention of state authorities periodically for deeds which, if perpetrated by any other type of medical professional, would have resulted in serious jail time years ago.

Sadly, however, if Brigham’s luck holds, he will remain unknown as far as the national media is concerned. And he, along with other ghouls masquerading as doctors, will continue to facilitate the killing of preborn children while maiming the mothers of the children they kill for profit.  That’s the way the abortion industry works in America these days.

When writing about Brigham, National Catholic Register blogger Matthew Archbold told his readers, 

I used to think that the abortion industry were simply capitalists who allowed their greed to override their humanity. I used to think that maybe it was just feminism run amok and that cooler heads would eventually prevail. I used to think that pro-lifers were simply up against the extreme of secularized logic. Over the past few years, though, I’ve come to believe that it’s more than that. It’s worse than that. We’re immersed in a culture with a death fetish. Our fascination with death is boundless.

Our culture increasingly sees humanity as the problem. We elevate animals in order to grant them human rights and increasingly view humans as animals.

Archbold, who also wrote, “Hate has become commonplace that it has lost the power to surprise me” is among the most insightful young writers I have encountered. He has seen the enemy for what it truly is. This is an enemy who despises God and loathes human persons for a wide variety of reasons.

Until society sees this truth, the nation’s “death fetish” is likely to continue.