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Screeching for Death

The feminists are at it again, and this time they have zeroed in on President Bush who, they claim, is a threat to women. Pro-abortion Dem fems claim the country would be far better off with female leadership. Oh? Shades of Hillary are on the horizon.


But wait! Maybe there's a lesson here for would-be pro-life political experts. You see, the women doing the hollering are raising a lot more money for their zealots than pro-lifers are raising for their incrementalists. It is reported that Emily's list (pro-death) raised more than $34 million last year. On the other had, Susan B. Anthony List (pro-life-with-exceptions) raised $484,324.

Of course the shrieking ladies never admit that there's such a thing as a bad abortion. Clearly, the more committed to abortion their candidate is, the better they like it. Pro-lifers, on the other hand, publicly and proudly support men and women who admit that abortion in some cases is acceptable based, of course, on polls. Hmmm. Maybe we need more screechers on our side! Oops, I meant preachers – holy men and women who put God and His laws ahead of man and his foibles.