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Risky businesss

The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute is hot on the heels of the latest government coverup, one that could result in even more deaths than it has already caused. It is the connection between abortion and breast cancer – consistently denied by the government, swept under the rug by their "professionals," yet clearly verifiable based on evidence that has been collected over years of studies. And Dr. Joel Brind knows what he is talking about. As he said in an interview just yesterday, "It is indeed unforunate that – even assuiming the truth will eventually win out – it may not occur until the issue is forced into the courtroom."

He accuses the federal government of gross scientific misconduct. But one need not think for too long before realizing that this is precisely the very conduct that has been pursued by the government for the past 40 years. They denied that the birth control pill could kill a person; they redefined when pregnancy begins; they supported the 1973 Supreme Court decisions decriminalizing abortion and now they are caught deceiving the public again. No surprises there.

But Dr. Brind does make an excellent point. The nation needs alternative forms of media because the mainline media is hopelessly wedded to these same deceptions. Let's hear it for all these blogs! And let's get the word out: The word that least accurately defines abortion is "safe."