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Reflecting on the first National Pro-life Memorial Day

It was very warm in the early morning hours as I joined several local pro-life activists in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since I had to be there for a meeting and a speech, it was a privilege to incorporate this silent vigil of prayer with true friends of the babies. I could only spend an hour with them that morning; they arrive every day of the week at 8:30, pray the complete 20 decades of the Rosary, and give silent witness to the dignity of the human person from his very beginning.

Nobody tells these people to be there; they are there out of love and in a spirit of agony with our Lord who suffered and died for us. The first ever Pro-life Memorial Day is, I hope, an experience that taught each person who participated in it the reason why we can never give up in our struggle to defend the most defenseless members of the human family. That morning I learned anew that the true heroes of pro-life work don't have organizations, press coverage or business meetings; they are simply following Christ and never counting the cost.

Thank God for them – each and every one of them.

? Judie Brown