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Planned Parenthood hijacks Christ from Christmas

Commentary by Jim Sedlak of American Life League's STOPP International

It's the Christmas season, and those who would corrupt the Christian message are in high gear. At the same time, though, Christians are being more vigilant this year than ever about defending their rights to publicly celebrate Christ's birth. Daily, it seems, we receive word that one store or another has banned its employees from wishing customers a Merry Christmas – opting instead for the politically correct Happy Holidays. Some stores, however, were sensitive to the outrage of their Christian customers and changed their policies after protests erupted.

As a viewer of NBC's Tonight Show, it has been of particular delight to watch host Jay Leno defy all this anti-Christian activity and insist on referring to the Christmas Season. I wish that all entertainers and organizations would remember to keep Christ in this joyous season.

As gratifying as Mr. Leno's stand has been, we have been saddened by the recent pronouncements of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Over the last few weeks, Planned Parenthood has posted two items on its web site that are a direct affront to every Christian in this nation.

First, if you visit Planned Parenthood's web store, you will find that it has released two new "holiday" cards for the 2005 season. As it has for the past several years, the main card loudly proclaims "Choice on Earth."

As noted, this is not the first year Planned Parenthood has sold this outlandish card, but it is of particular disappointment this year. You see, last year, when Gloria Feldt was president of Planned Parenthood, she proudly sold these "Choice on Earth" cards along with her "I Had an Abortion" T-shirts. But Feldt resigned as president in January of this year and shortly after her departure, both of the items disappeared from Planned Parenthood's web site. It was hoped that her departure might indicate a softening of Planned Parenthood's overtly pro-abortion rhetoric and activities.

In addition, in February, the head of Planned Parenthood's Clergy Committee, Tom Davis, released a book called Sacred Work. In that book, he called on Planned Parenthood people all across the country to work closely with Christian churches to promote the Planned Parenthood agenda. He claimed that there was no basic contradiction between the work of Planned Parenthood and the work of Christian churches.

All of this provided hope that this year, we would not see another attack on Christmas. Well, we now know that Planned Parenthood hasn't changed at all. Once again, it is trumpeting its "Choice on Earth" mantra. Of course, to Planned Parenthood, "choice" is synonymous with "abortion." So, once again, Planned Parenthood is using this season of peace, in which Christians celebrate the birth of Christ, to push its agenda of death.

As if to emphasize its disdain for human life, at the same time Planned Parenthood is selling these despicable cards, it has announced its abortion numbers for the year 2004. According to data posted on its web site, Planned Parenthood admits to committing 255,015 abortions in 2004. That is the highest number of abortions Planned Parenthood has ever committed in a single year. This figure is 4.2 percent higher than 2003. Some 100,000 more abortions were performed this year than were performed just eight years ago.

A review of Planned Parenthood's data reveals that it operates a chain of 172 surgical abortion facilities across the country and has at least another 50 facilities that end the lives of babies (and sometimes their mothers) through what is known as medical abortions – using mifepristone (RU-486). There is no other organization or individual that runs that many killing centers or commits anywhere near that number of abortions. Thus, Planned Parenthood has used the cry of "choice" to build a great abortion empire that took in over $110 million last year just from its abortion business.

"Choice on Earth" is the cry emanating from the holiday card sold by Planned Parenthood.

"Choice on Earth" is the chant from Planned Parenthood employees as they dismember over a quarter of a million babies each year.

"Choice on Earth" is the call repeated each day by the Scrooge-like bookkeepers at Planned Parenthood as they deposit tens of millions of dollars, made from the deaths of innocent children, into the organization's bank accounts.

Once again this Christmas season, the veil has been lifted from Planned Parenthood. Despite its attempts earlier in the year to soften its approach and reach out to the Christian community, this organization cannot hide its true persona. As the world prepares to celebrate the coming of the true Prince of Peace, Planned Parenthood once again shows that it is subject to the Prince of Darkness.

As Jesus is paid respect and His coming is celebrated, the other side cannot sit idly by. Who is the "other side" when it comes to opposing the message of faith? We are taught that it is Satan who opposes all things that are of God. With its "Choice on Earth" campaign, Planned Parenthood is playing the role of devil's mouthpiece.

In this Christmas season, let us all reaffirm our commitments to live Christ-like in this world of death. Let us work hard to spread the joy and peace of Christmas. Let us not be distracted by the rumblings of Planned Parenthood and its ilk. This is a time of joy; a time of families; a time to rededicate ourselves to all that is good and decent.

Let us work even harder in 2006 to rid the world of the death and destruction of Planned Parenthood. For it would certainly be a fitting tribute to Jesus if we were able to save from a brutal death the quarter of a million babies scheduled to die at Planned Parenthood facilities next year.

I pray that you will find true peace and happiness this year and wish a very Merry Christmas to all of you.

Release issued: 8 Dec 05