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Piloting sex ed

Michigan's Willow Run Middle School just won a sort of favored nation status from Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm. The middle school is going to be a pilot site for a sex ed workshop for parents of teens.

OK so far. There is nothing wrong with helping parents do a better job of teaching their children the facts. But wait! The program is being sponsored by Planned Parenthood.

So now we get the picture, don't we? The pro-abortion Catholic governor is doing middle schoolers between the ages of 11 and 14 a huge favor by starting their "sex education devoid of moral principles" early and sending in the A team to make sure that parents get it right.

In case you missed your last history lesson on Planned Parenthood, they don't like parents very much, and work consistently to oppose parental notice and parental consent laws. So it will be interesting to see how they use their time with the Willow Run parents to intimidate them into submission.

So much for the Catholic governor's concern for the future of her state.