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Moving Forward

By Judie Brown

As President Biden warned his allies that Republicans may try to ban abortion nationwide, the rest of us who live in the real world know that we have to focus on the enormous amount of work in front of us.

It’s no accident that out of the clear blue sky, Nancy Pelosi and her husband had a recent and very publicly acknowledged visit with Pope Francis. The date should not surprise you. The Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision came on June 24; the Pelosi visit occurred just five days later. What is even more interesting is that Pelosi’s bishop, Archbishop Cordileone, denied her the Eucharist, but in the Vatican, she arrogantly received the body of Christ anyway.

This is the sort of public defiance of Christ on full display at the very moment we committed pro-life Catholic people are moving forward with hope and joy.

There is more evil spewing from so-called Catholics than we have seen in quite a while, and that is not by chance, my friend. When positive news about defense for babies is making its way forward, the devil reacts in the vilest of ways, and his puppets are all too happy to accommodate him. This is why we pray for our enemies as we strive to press forward, never losing sight of our goal.

American Life League’s five-point plan for victory is not cowed by the actions of hypocrites like Pelosi and Biden. In fact, their actions make our plan that much more vital. We are sharing that plan with you today so that you too can feel exhilarated with hope for the coming battles we must be engaged in on our way to total protection for every innocent human being—born and preborn. This is the ALL FIVE-POINT PLAN:

  1. ALL will continue to work for the total protection of the human person: 
    a. From creation to death
    b. Without exception or compromise
  2. ALL will continue to work for the total abolition of Planned Parenthood
  3. ALL will continue to encourage people to pray the Rosary for an end to all abortion
  4. ALL will continue to work to create a culture of life through pre-k-12 education
  5. ALL will work for a Personhood Amendment 

American Life League has championed these principles ever since our founding in 1979, and we will persist until the day when every innocent human being from creation to death is fully protected by law and in our culture. We know that this is an onerous challenge, but we also know that nothing is impossible with God.

In 1979, we took our lead from Senator Jesse Helms, who said to those of us who were honored to meet with him, “Never put your faith in any man, only in God.” We have cherished that moment not only because we admired the man and his commitment to total protection for every single innocent person but also because we recognized in him a faith that was never cowed by his involvement of politics.

We move forward with that same zeal, that same commitment, and that same faith in God our Father, Whom we serve without apology. We are His. And our challenge is to protect the innocent from the devil and his minions.

Thank you for joining with American Life League as we press on to victory. God bless you.