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Moral Bankruptcy

By Judie Brown

Every once in a while, it pays to skim secular headlines. Such tidbits provide a window to the propaganda that average Americans are fed, not to mention what we as defenders of truth have to contend with on a daily basis.

Take, for instance, the retail giant Walmart. We remember when Sam Walton did his own advertising and assured us that “each Wal-Mart store should reflect the values of its customers and support the vision they hold for their community.” So when Walmart expanded its abortion coverage for its employees, we presume its corporate leadership is convinced that America wants even more destruction of children prior to birth.

Another sign of the cultural descent into barbarism comes from feminist law professors who attempt to make the case that aborting a baby and miscarrying a baby are similar! One very perceptive writer observes:

Their aim is clear: to make abortion less morally objectionable by pretending it’s akin to miscarriage, which elicits sympathy. This kind of acquittal by association requires the worst kind of revisionist history, and as the Roe v. Wade court did in 1973, Donley and Lens construct a fake version of America’s “acceptance”—even respect—for abortion, while urging the rest of us to fully abandon sound judgment and common sense.

And the lunacy does not stop there. Addressing an anonymous woman who wanted to abort, we are told that she mistakenly visited a pro-life crisis pregnancy center and of course was distraught because they encouraged her to give her baby up for adoption. She writes:

I didn’t want to put a baby into an already overrun, underfunded adoption system. 

I told that to the woman at the clinic, who was pleading with me to reconsider—as if it was her body—but she didn’t have an answer for how to fix the systemic issues with our adoption system. She just told me about families that wanted a baby.

Naturally this writer attributes her fear of adoption to the negative articles a pro-abortion publication has written on the topic. In doing so she totally ignores the facts, but in their world, truth is a matter of opinion. Such political agendas are built on untruths.

America’s taxpayer-funded government speaks from the same page. Its Health and Human Services publications persist in using dehumanizing rhetoric such as “abortion is one of the controversial issues discussed in medical ethics.” By relegating the act of aborting a child to an issue rather than a fact, it is easy for such amoral folks to sidestep confronting the brutality of the act they protect with our tax dollars.

As a matter of fact, DHHS has published national guidelines for retail pharmacies making it crystal clear that these businesses have an obligation to ensure access to “comprehensive reproductive health care services.” Biden and his minions want to make it extremely clear that withholding prescribed medications, even if they are ingested to end the lives of preborn babies, must not occur. And if it does a pharmacist could be found guilty of discrimination.

Discriminating against the preborn by facilitating their death, of course, is legitimate.

Yet in the midst of all this savagery comes news that at least one Minnesota pharmacist has been vindicated. George Badeaux refused to provide emergency contraceptive pills to a patient a few years ago because he said the pills would “be ending a new human life.” Badeaux was found not guilty of violating the patient’s civil rights, yet the woman who sued him was awarded $25,000 for emotional harm.

Apparently the jury was as flummoxed as most Americans, refusing to find a pharmacist guilty of medical mayhem but agreeing that the expectant mother needed a payoff because of her preborn baby’s continued existence. If that is not the perfect example of moral bankruptcy, I am not sure what is.

Clearly many in our nation are hell-bent on denying facts, science, and common sense. But truth never follows consensus; it stands tall and unchangeable, no matter the season, no matter the level of moral bankruptcy.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for that!