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Loathing the Individual Human Person

By Judie Brown

To loathe is to dislike greatly and often with disgust or intolerance.

This one word pretty much summarizes the attitude of those who cannot stand the possibility that even one preborn child will be protected by law. But beneath the obvious disdain such people have for babies, there is something far more sinister that lurks behind the “rights” veneer.

When we revisit the original Roe v. Wade decision, we get a glimpse of what is driving the supporters of abortion mad right now. That decision said, in part: “It is thus apparent that at common law, at the time of the adoption of our Constitution, and throughout the major portion of the 19th century, abortion was viewed with less disfavor than under most American statutes currently in effect. Phrasing it another way, a woman enjoyed a substantially broader right to terminate a pregnancy than she does in most States today.”

This excerpt is instructive given the hyperbole we are hearing on the subject of the possible reversal of Roe v. Wade. The view that abortion was always part of this nation’s cultural history isn’t really shocking given the fact that abortion has been part of history since biblical times. But what is concerning is the manner in which proponents of abortion have become much more zealous, if not downright outrageous in their rhetoric.

For instance, the statement that a “uterus is not government property” deflects attention from the killing of preborn children by focusing on women’s rights. This has been a pro-abortion tactic for many years. But don’t be fooled.

As Hugh Brown recently wrote, it is the pro-abortion rhetoric of so-called Catholics like President Biden that fuels the abortion zealots. Brown writes: “In response to a leaked draft of the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision regarding Roe v. Wade, the Democratic party and its hate fueled advocates are resorting to their standard operating tactics of intimidation, violence, destruction, harassment, and chaos to advance their diabolical agenda.”

Apparently for some it is acceptable to harass the family of a Supreme Court justice but beyond the pale to use graphic images to focus attention on the violence of abortion. Such examples teach a valuable lesson about human nature. Once the lie of abortion is accepted, no tactic is off limits in the quest to protect the alleged right to kill innocent babies.

Make no mistake. Proponents of abortion never use those words because hiding behind rhetorical subterfuge is all they can do. But we tell the truth. And as we know, when truth offends or makes someone uncomfortable, the messenger needs to be rejected or violated.

The very same attitudes that drove the mob to call for Christ’s crucifixion are today calling on citizens to take whatever action is necessary to protect a so-called “right” to abortion.

Thus, we are standing at the great divide once again. Pollsters tell us that Americans are divided on the legality of abortion, but that is really not what matters here. Taking polls that never use words like fetal development, baby, or preborn child produce skewed results. They are consciously designed to avoid the ugly truth that babies die when abortions are committed.

Abortion rights lawyer Katherine Kolbert is upset by the draft opinion of Justice Samuel Alito. She says: “Justice Alito’s draft is worse than I had imagined. Righteous outrage and anger is the only appropriate response.”

Mind you, the court has yet to issue an official opinion, but already the abortion savants are at the gates, howling. Such people loathe human beings, especially the innocent and the vulnerable.

But regardless of what the court decides, our work continues. We will affirm motherhood, defend and protect the innocent, pray for the enemies of life, and trust in the mercy of God.